Do you have the condition known as the hiccoughs or hick ups, and wondering what it is and how to get rid of it? This is technically called the hiccup and it is a spasm of your diaphragm, which causes sudden involuntary contractions of it, which can last for minutes or even longer. It’s also known as the synchronous diaphragmatic flutter (SDF), or singultus. While this isn’t the most serious condition to have, if they continue it can lead to chronic hiccups which might need medical treatment. In the worst cases, some people have had hiccups for years!

So Which One is It?

It is technically "hiccough" and "hiccup" is just a transformation of it! I will use both terms, however, as many people debate on which one to call it.

What Causes Hiccups or Hiccoughs? Why Do People Hiccup?

- Fast eating or drinking can cause it.

- Drinking a carbonated beverage like alcohol or soda.

- Laughing too much in a short period of time

- Swallowing too much air.

- Smoking.

- Sudden stress or excitement.

- Having tuberculosis and believe it or not, constipation, can cause them.

- If they last more than 48 hours you may have a chronic case of them.

Possible Natural Home Remedies for Hiccups

- Drinking water very fast might work.

- Try getting a glass of water and placing a washcloth over the top of the glass then drinking through it without stopping.

- Cutting lime into quarters and taking a bite into one of them (

- Drinking warm water while holding your nose.

- Breathing into a brown paper bag for minutes.

- Holding your breath for 10 seconds and counting slowly.

Products to Cure Hiccups Fast

- If you absolutely can’t stand your hiccoughs and want a solution now, or if you are worried they might lead to a chronic problem, check out these products.

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Did you know that there is a National Hiccups Day? *It's on March 16 and started in 2007.

As you can see, there are a couple of possible solutions to curing hickups or hiccups. Some may work for you but some may not - it really depends on the person. If the natural home remedies for hiccups don't work I like these products that I mentioned as they've worked for me in the past.

Thanks for reading this article on how to get rid of the hiccoughs and I hope you find a quick and easy solution!