Many people of color suffer from something called "hyperpigmentation." When you receive a cut, zit, or scratch on your skin, the area turns brown or black instead of white. These spots can linger for months or years. Bad acne can create permanent black spots on people's faces. Old moisquito bites can linger for years on arms and legs and look terrible. Women often do not like to go out with bare legs if they have dark spots marring their skin. This can create a self-concious attitude over time.

These remedies have been around for hundreds of years. Many cultures around the world have come up with ways to treat hyperpigmentation spots on the skin. The best way to prevent hyperpigmentation is to use vitamin E oil on wounds and try not to pick at cuts and zits.

If you are suffering from uneven hyperpigmentation on your face or body, there are some natural remedies that you can try before resorting to pharmaceutical creams. Although drugstore products fade hyperpigmentation, they may contain toxic substances that won't react well with your skin. Herbal remedies, on the other hand, have been used for hundreds of years to safely and inexpensively even out the complexion.


Licorice has many uses, and one of them is for lightening skin. The main ingredient in licorice is called glabridin, which prevents hyperpigmentation and substantially brightens the skin where it is applied. It actually inhibits production of melanin, so be careful where you apply this herb. To make licorice extract, you can soak licorice root in a jar of grain alcohol and let it marinate for several weeks. You can then mix the extract with lemon juice and water and dab it on the skin with a cotton ball.


Saffron is a very expensive herb that is used to lighten skin. After soaking saffron strands in a bowl of milk overnight, you can use the mixture on your face to slowly fade the hyperpigmented spots.


Dried chamomile is another herb that will treat hyperpigmentation. Boil chamomile in a cup of water, add honey, and spread over the dark areas of the skin.


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