I live in a 50s bungalow that still has postal service to the door and it gets put through a slot in the door and lands on my floor.  On Friday I saw the postman struggling with yet another bundle of heavy junk mail that has been getting increasingly worse over the last few weeks.

Getting rid of junk mail has become a major pain for me, because not only is it a waste of paper as I simply throw it into the recycling bin, I have to carefully go through it to find the real mail which gets put in-between.

I even contacted the post office to have my address on the “no junk mail” list they offered, but then all that happened is I ended up not getting anything, and I would get calls from people asking if I had received my card or statement and I had not which became frustrating.

So, I cancelled my address off that list because I realized I was now giving them the power to decide what was junk and what was not, which can be difficult because some are disguised to look like airmail letters and important documents that say open immediately! They are sneaky.

So, after much frustration I decided on my day off to contact the biggest contributors to this dilemma and tell them that I simply am not interested in their product and stop sending me gobs of paper.  After trying to talk me into the latest in water softeners, or the latest in new windows or doors or duct cleaning or whatever it was they were selling, they reluctantly agreed to take me off the list.

But that lasted for maybe a week and they were back again.  So here is how to get rid of junk mail in my corner of the world!

My Way of Getting Rid of Junk Mail

Collect it for a couple of days in a basket, then open them and find the ones with “paid stamped return envelopes”, which for me, most of them had as they wanted you to send cards back to get a good deal or subscriptions.  Count how many return envelopes you have and then create piles of adverts for each one.  They don’t have to match that advertiser, just create a pile of whatever you have available after opening them.

Then take all the bits of the adverts and fold them and fit as many as possible into all these paid postage envelopes.  Really stuff them well too, and tape them if you have to.How to get rid of junk mailCredit: morguefile.com

I know that once one of these envelopes goes through the mail, the company is then charged for the postage.  Many of the envelopes have identifier numbers on them so they know the area or even the house this came from.  I didn’t care at this point.  I didn’t send them nasty notes or anything bad, I just sent them adverts like they sent to me.

Use Their Own Postage Paid Envelopes to Send it Back

I then recycled the main envelopes but managed to fit all the flyers in the many different postage paid envelopes then when I took my dog out for her next walk, I shoved them in the mail box.  My blue box is much lighter now!

You may all think this is wrong, or “how awful” as my mother-in-law put it, but it made me feel better, and funny enough after a week or two, many of the mailers stopped.  So, they must be able to tell where it came from.  This way my regular mail is not affected and I am not relying on the post office to decide what is junk.

If you do not like that idea, or don’t want to bother with even opening them, then simply write return to sender on the package in huge letters and put it in the mailbox.  But I had heard through the grapevine that these simply get thrown away.  So I figured by using their postage paid envelope I might actually be able to stop it.

They Will Pay the Postage To Get Their Stuff Back

I was fed up and wanted them to pay the postage by using the return envelope.  A simple phone call should have been enough, but it wasn’t.  It is bad enough they get into my house via my land line phone and sometimes my cell phone and my emails, but pushing their products that I have specifically told them I didn’t want through my mail box was the last straw.

I understand companies wanting to expand their business, but what is the sense in sending mass mailings to people who have repeatedly stated they were not interested.  So sending stuff back to them made sense to me!  I even made sure it was not their own flyers in the envelopes but other companies that were ticking me off as well.

I have been a month now, with only the occasional local flyer in my newspaper.  So, if you want to know how to get rid of junk mail, then try the above it worked for me.