Love handles can be a tricky area to get rid of, but it definitely is possible to get rid of love handles and keep them off. Prepare to work pretty hard for it, but this is one of those things where you only get out of it what you put into it. You can't expect to get rid of love handles by sitting around eating whatever you want.

Things You Will Need

*Food Diary
*Measuring Tape
*Calorie Counter

Step 1

Keep a food diary for one to two weeks. Write down everything you consume, the number of servings along with the number of calories. It'd also be a good idea to keep track of the number of grams of the following: carbohydrates, sugar, fat and protein. After one or two weeks, analyze this data and then move on to the next step.

Step 2

Before you think about how to get rid of love handles, first figure out how many calories you need to consume to achieve weight loss. Now, 3,500 calories is equivalent to approximately 1 pound. If your goal is to lose 2 pounds per week, then your body needs a deficit of 7,000 calories. This can be achieved by consuming less calories and by doing more exercise. If you don't change your current diet at all and you burn an extra 1,000 calories per day, you'll have a 7,000 caloric deficit for one week. There are a number of online calorie counters you can use that can help you pinpoint the number of calories you should be eating each day. It's probably a lot less than you think.

Step 3

Do strength training at least twice per week. Strength training builds up muscle so that the body is able to burn more calories - even at rest. Don't worry about getting bulky. Resistance training doesn't equal bulky. Aim to work the main muscle groups in the body, including: Chest, back, legs, arms and core.

Step 4

Perform cardiovascular activity for at least 30 minutes three times per week. Examples of cardio activity include: Swimming, running, jogging, rowing, cycling and aerobics. Cardio activities burn mega calories and strengthen the heart and host an abundant amount of other benefits.

Step 5

Keep yourself motivated. You can do this by creating short-term goals. Good examples include: Losing 5 pounds, losing 2 inches off the waist, committing to cardio activity 3 times per week for at least 30 minutes. Every 30 days, measure your waist to see how you're progressing. Don't measure every day, or even every week or you may get frustrated. When you see the inches coming off, along with the weight, you'll be surprised at how motivated it can make you and keep you working towards your long-term goals.
If you are struggling with belly fat, it's important to know that you don't have to live with it forever. If you exercise and change your eating habits, you will get rid of love handles. You will only get out of it what you're willing to put into it. If you work hard you'll see the results.

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