It can be very hard to get rid of mice once they infest a house or yard. Most of the methods need toxic chemicals that can be hazardous for children and pets. Moreover, it's an unpleasant chore to dispose of mice. Below are some quick and simple tips.

1. Use peppermint…Try peppermint oil since it has a natural deterrent. It has an intense smell for rodents and they will not attempt to go close to it. It also aids to mask the smell of any tasty morsels that have been left out when cleaning. You can purchase peppermint oil in health food shops and most of grocery shops. Just put two or three drops on a cotton ball. Ensure that you place the balls in locations where the mice gain entry to your house such as doorways or hat vents. You can also plant peppermints near the entry areas. Peppermint oil can also be used while cooking for deterrent purpose. 

2. Seal entry points…Close the likely entries. Mice are able to enter through small holes and the best technique of getting rid of mice is sealing possible entries. This can be difficult to attain in old houses but it is the most efficient solution. An effective way to seal small holes is by use of green kitchen pads and cut the appropriate size. Sticking steel wool in the mouse holes will make it impossible for mice to pass through. You can also put tubs of used cat litter near mice entry points. The mice will run away when they sniff cat urine.

3. Get rid of food sources…You can accomplish this by ensuring counter tops, kitchen floors and sinks are cleaned and eliminate any food traces. Preserve food in tightly closed glass, metal and strong plastic tins. Do not leave food items such as snacks or cereals in their boxes since mice can easily gnaw through packaging. Keep pet food in chew proof tins also. Never leave pet food outside the whole day rather let pets eat and the close the dish tightly or get rid of the remains.

4. Apply traps around the house…Use humane traps near your house. Select places where mice visit, for instance, inside cabinets and beneath furniture. These kinds of traps can be bought at most home supply shops and work through attracting mice in using food. A door shuts when a mouse enters trapping the mice inside but it does not kill it. Try adding peanut butter to get better results.

You can also use traps with receptive triggers that will kill quickly. Place up to 10 traps around identified mouse holes and place them about three feet away along the walls. Ensure that you inspect traps regularly. Free the trapped mice outside far away from your house. It is essential to clean the used trap and replace the bait. Be persistence with the traps and keep food sources closed to get rid of mice. 

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5. Clean the yard…Eradicate places near your house that encourages mouse infestation. Remove weeds and any trash or items such as wood piles or old brushes. In case you have firewood, make sure you place it a foot off the ground and shun stacking it against a garage or house wall. Store trash in a closed can. Remove clutter where mice hide and provide mouse with materials for creating nest. This comprises clothes and old blankets that might be lying behind the closet or the junk that normally accumulate near the basement or garage.

6. Keep pets…Having a cat as a pet to take care of mice around the house particularly if you get an outdoor and indoor cat. Cats are known for hunting to get their own food and might catch mice. A barn owl is another pet known for keeping mice away. A family of barn owl is able to eat more than 15 mice per night. Construct a shelter box within your garden to draw owls into your compound. Ensure the shelter box is free from nails or safety threats.

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7. Use ultrasonic devices…These are best gadget on how to get rid of mice naturally. Place ultrasonic mice repellants indoors and outdoors. These gadgets emit sharp sound waves that are undetectable by the human ear. Mice and other kinds of pest run away from the sound, leaving your house free from rodents.