So what methods can you use to get rid of mice in walls?

If you're really upset and concerned about how to get rid of mice in your home and in your walls, the first line of defense is mouse traps, because no other device or system will give you relief from those sneaky little critters so efficiently and quickly. All the same, there are a few types of mouse traps that you can purchase at most hardware retailers.

You'll find some really expensive ones, while others are quite inexpensive. Furthermore, some of these traps are designed to kill mice instantly, and others that will simply catch the rodent and then, you can release it in some wooded area. [ Don't be surprised it the same mouse returns again]

How to Get Rid of Mice in Walls...With Mouse Traps!

There actually are no more effective ways to get rid of mice then using a mouse trap. Two types have prevailed the marketplace for years,  the conventional spring snap type and the sticky board type. The spring snap is ironically looked at to be the most humane because death is instant. And using the Best Bait For Mouse Traps is sure to catch them every time. The sticky board, on the other hand, will trap the mouse on its sticky surface and hold it there until it starves to death. That could be days...

Did you know...That a mouse can get into your home by an opening as small as the width of a pencil. It would pay you to find these cracks in your house and seal them up with a good caulking. This will not only deter the mice, but all those other pesky critters and insects will be kept out to. Not to mention, your heating and air conditioning costs will drop.

How to Get Rid of Mice in Walls...With Mouse Poison!

You don't have to look very far to find many types of poisons that will kill mice. Something you should think about before spraying mice poison around your home. Poison isn't only deadly to the mice, but other pets and humans can become really ill when coming into contact with the toxins. Poisons should only be applied in extreme cases of mouse infestation and placed in areas that are not accessible by your children or pets.

Did you know...Mice love to eat the same treats as your teenager. Junk food left out on tables, rugs, and counters and  particularly under the furniture. You'll have less problems with mice visitors if you make your house less welcoming by picking up crumbs and foodstuffs right away.

Also remember don't be fooled by that one mouse. If you've one mouse in your house, you can be certain that there are many others scuttling around in your walls. House mice dwell in family groups, often neatening their mates and young. Eliminating mice rapidly is critical since they start mating at 3 months, have litters of 4-6 babies and can live up to 4 years. Remember this the next time you think twice of getting rid of that cute, cuddly critter.

How to Get Rid of Mice in Walls...With Live Traps!

There for sure are many types of traps that don't kill mice and merely put them behind bars until you come along and release them outside. All the same, mice have a knack for coming back to their home [which happens to be your house] so you should travel a few miles before letting them go back into the wild, where they'll most assuredly die anyway [remember that these are house mice]. So don't be fooled by using these expensive "humane" traps.

Did you know...Mice don't really like cheese. Research has demonstrated that mice don't prefer cheese over other foods. Use peanut butter for your bait to lure mice with a yummy treat.