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That awful musty smell is certainly not a welcome quality in any house, it makes us ask the question...How to get rid of musty smell in basement. Why? For one thing it gives the impression your house is not kept clean and although it really isn't that noticeable to the owners it will just about for sure be offensive to visitors. What is more musty odors can also suggest the growing of mold which can set off allergies in some people.

These smells will come and go usually by which time of year it is. In the summer months for instance when the air conditioner is operating a large amount air flow may get rid of it, even so the cause could persist and come back in the fall and winter.

Basements are frequently the origin of these musty smells and the odor might have been brought on by high humidity, breaks in walls letting moisture in or simply from condensation. In order to stop the musty smell it's crucial to discover the cause while keeping in mind there might well be more than one issue in your basement. You should also consider you have a mold problem and should learn How to Find Mold in Your House.

How to Get Rid of Musty Smell in Basement...

>>>> 1] While the utilization of a home dehumidifier will help alleviate the problem either partly or all of it, the following will help you track down the origin of the problem the quickest.

>>>> 2] To stop the condensation from forming on water lines which is a source of moisture especially in wintertime is to use an insulated pipe wrap to cover the lines, these are comparatively inexpensive and are an simple means of preventing the condensation formed from dripping onto the floor.

>>>> 3] Frequently basements build up high humidity levels which causes dampness and that musty smell, This causes the musty odor which can then be smelt throughout the house. Installing a dehumidifier can really help with this problem by Killing The Basement Mold by removing the excess moisture before it does any damage.

>>>> 4] Another thing to look for is to see if any moisture believed to be from condensation on water lines isn't really from hairpin holes in the pipe. This problem can be resolved most simply by connecting a pipe leak clamp, if the hole is very tiny an epoxy glue compound can usually do the trick with little problem, check out your local home hardware or building supply store about both of them.

>>>> 5] A more severe problem to consider if you want to get rid of that musty smell in your basement is that of leaking walls where moisture enters in through the walls and floor. This is something you need to go outside and make sure the ground is sloping away from your home. Also check to see if your downpipes are draining the water away.

>>>> 6] If you have determined that the water is entering through the walls get a brush with strong stiff bristles scour the leaking areas with trisodium phosphate, which you can find at most  home improvement stores, allow the cleaned walls to dry again totally. Then seal the walls with a latex concrete sealer.

By using 1 or more of the above suggestions, it should answer the question...To eliminate that smell in basement. By centering on your particular problems and setting up a dehumidifier it is likely that you'll be able to solve even the most relentless of household musty smells in your home. Also keep in mind if it is mold to Safely Identify and Remove It.