AOL, also known as America Online, is an internet service provider known mainly for its popularity as a dial up internet service provider in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Of course AOL still exists today as a provider of both dial up internet service and high speed internet services. More recently AOL has become the provider of internet access software meant to supplement your existing (such as a cable, DSL, or FIOS) internet connections. 


Whether you want to simply move to another provider or have realized that if you have a primary internet provider you no longer need AOL software you’ll need to fully cancel your account to avoid ongoing charges. According to Business Insider, AOL often continues to bill customers who are under an assumption they need AOL services to use free AOL Instant Messenger and E-mail which is not true.


You have two options for shutting down your AOL account either through the phone or via postal mail. Surprisingly AOL does not offer an online method of account cancellation.


Cancel AOL services through telephone.


Collect your America Online account information usually found on your latest billing statement. Call up their customer service line at 1-800-827-6364 and you’ll be asked to state the reason for calling. State “cancellation” as your reason in a clear voice that the automated system can easily understand. You’ll eventually be transferred to a customer service representative.


Clearly state to the AOL representative that you wish to cancel and close your account. Provide your account information when asked to do so. Remember that the AOL representative is trained to convince you to stay on as a member but be firm in your request. Simply continue to request a cancellation. 


Be sure to get the name of the rep. as well as when you spoke to them for future reference. Check up on your credit or bank statements in about a month to ensure no additional AOL charges appear. 


Cancel your AOL services by postal mail.


Type up a letter that includes your AOL user name, account number, billing address, full name, and a contact phone number. Include in the letter your clear request that your service be terminated and that your account gets closed. Be sure to include a date of request.


Mail the letter to:


America Online

PO BOX 17100

Jacksonville, FL 32245-7100

After a month or two check your credit or bank billing statements to ensure you are no longer being charged by AOL for any services.


Keep in mind that you can continue to use your free AOL instant messenger service and email without having to pay for AOL services. Also note that you may need to re-contact AOL if you continue to be billed for service. 


Be aware that if you attempt to log into your full AOL account after canceling (not email or AIM), AOL systems may see this as a reactivation of your billing and account usage. Do not log back in after canceling the service.


AOL’s Dirty Secret by Business Insider: