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For men who have thick, heavy beards or very curly whiskers, or just plain sensitive skin, razor bumps can be a big problem and these shavers will often wonder how to get rid of razor bumps.  These can become infected, inflamed and even begin to look like acne in serious cases.  Many men find them painful and quite uncomfortable.  Others are very self-conscious about having these blemishes on their skin. For those wondering how to get rid of razor bumps, the following steps might be a great help:

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1.  Keep the skin as healthy as possible.  It may sound silly, but drink plenty of water, take a good multivitamin, wash the face with gentle cleansers and always pat the skin dry.  For those with oily or dry skin, use products to help remedy the situation.  Those prone to acne should use an appropriate treatment to keep outbreaks to a minimum.  These are some of the first steps one should take in understanding how to get rid of razor bumps. 

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2.  Whenever possible one should allow the whiskers to grow out a bit.  One should never be in a hurry to shave off a slight shadow.  An electric razor can be of help here and one should look for the best electric shaver possible.  Many men find that an electric razor does not offer a shave as close as a straight edge or any of the other blade razors out there but the look is still neat and clean and will often lead to less razor bumps.  Some of the best electric razors out there that are recommended by users when asked how to get rid of razor bumps are in the Philips/Norelco family of products.  These are well worth looking into for anyone who suffers this problem when they shave.

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3. Because different products work for different men, it is important that one be willing to experiment with a variety of products such as pre-treaters, lotions, shave gels, after shaves, and any other shave treatments that one can find.

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4. Remember to shave slowly and carefully, treating the skin roughly can lead to more bumps and sorer skin.

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5. When preparing the skin to shave use warm water and make sure to evenly apply any lotions or creams that are meant for before shaving so that the skin is all covered to avoid having spotty areas of razor bumps.

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6. Be sure to carefully rinse with clean warm water after shaving, not rinsing will leave residue on the skin from the products used before shaving and can leave unwanted bacteria on the skin.  For those that often get infected razor bumps, an astringent or other antiseptic suitable to skin type may be necessary to keep infections from starting.

For those wondering how to get rid of razor bumps these are just some of the steps that can be taken in order to help keep the bumps from forming and becoming a problem.  For those who want to know how to get rid of razor bumps that have already formed there are several ideas out there,  One can try witch hazel, antiseptic cleaners, or even corticosteroids in order to treat  the condition.  One should always remember that how to get rid of razor bumps depends largely on what works for each individual.