Spiders are one of the most feared pests in the world. In all reality though they aren't exactly a pest, they work on pest control for us. This is why we don't want them all to die off we just don't want them in our house, or anywhere near us for that matter.


First thing you need to know is that it is best to call a professional if you have a serious problem with spiders. They are very difficult to get rid of if there is more than a couple. This is because they won't stop coming to the hot spots where there is a lot of prey, but more on that in a second.


Why Do You Have Spiders?

First you have to ask yourself this question to find out why they chose to come into your house. There isn't just no good reason. They are getting their food from in your house, that means you have a lot of food for them. To get rid of this problem so they don't want to build their webs in your house is to simply get rid of other bugs in your house!


A good first step for this is to get rid of all the leftover food and don't leave any sitting out. Removing their food source will cause them to move and sequentially the spiders with them. Another good idea is to crank a humidifier on high in the areas around the main infestation of spiders. Most insects like a nice damp environment.


Create a harsh environment on all insects involved and none of them will want to be there anymore.


Turn off your outdoor lights. Ever notice just how many flying insects love your porch light? Well that is a buffet for spiders and will attract them around your house and possibly right inside your house as a next step.


Spider Traps

For a little extra leaving power you should setup a few spider traps around the hot spots. I have listed here a good chemical free trap that you can use practically anywhere without worry. It is a little more expensive but works better than any other trap that I have used so I think it is worth it. They last a very long time and catch a number of spiders in their lifetime.


How to Deal With Spiders

If you find a spider and don't know what to do with it, your best bet is probably to take some paper and catch them in it. Then you can either release them outside, or if you want to, then squash them in it. Whatever you do though do not drop them down a drain and try to wash them down it unless you drop bleach down there. They can survive the water ride and crawl right back up! Which is horrible.