There a few reasons why you would need to find out how to get rid of an old car. You may have inherited someone else's car and have no use for it, and you don't need to trade it in for a new one for yourself. Another reason could be that your old car was rejected by the dealer as a trade-in for whatever reason.

Old CarSometimes people go out and buy a new car and decide to keep their old one, only to later realize that they will never get any more use out of it. Also, with more and more people becoming conscious of their environmental footprint, people are now striving to go without a vehicle completely.

Whatever reason you have for wanting to learn how to get rid of an old car, here are the four most popular methods to do it.

Trade It In At The Dealership

As mentioned, the most common way for people to get rid of their car is by applying its value toward the down payment of a new vehicle. Depending on how old it is and what kind of condition you left it, your old automobile might fetch enough to cover your down payment completely. However, if it needs major repairs or is just a plain rust bucket, your car salesman might be kind enough to take it off your hands for nothing. If that doesn't suit you, there's another alternative to getting rid of a used car.

Sell It On Craigslist

If your car still runs and is in decent shape you might want to consider hanging onto it and list it personally in order to squeeze every last bit of value out of it before you say goodbye. You can place an advertisement in your local paper for around $20-40 depending on its circulation and hope someone gives you a call. However, one way to sell your car by owner is to list it on the popular classifieds site Craigslist. You can place a free listing in the Craigslist Cars section and in under a day have offers expressing interest. 

Scrap It At A Junk Yard

Junk yards are common at the outlying areas of most major cities, and it is not because they look pretty. Junk yards get the majority of their car parts from car wrecks and really old cars that just are not worth the major repair bill it would cost to fix them. You can stop by and have a person inspect your vehicle in order to provide an estimate, but keep in mind that they are really only going to look at the value of your car based on parts and the weight of the leftover metal.

If your car is still drivable then you might want to consider trying to get more for it by helping out someone in need of any type of transportation - no matter how stylish yours might be.

Donate It To Charity

This method of how to get rid of an old car is probably the most under-utilized but it also is the most beneficial for society. You can find a registered charity that will send out a tow truck to the car's location and pick it up free of charge. They take the deed and the keys and bring it to a monthly auto auction, where they sell the car to the highest bidder. Once the car is sold, they will then mail you a form qualifying you to deduct the amount from your tax return.

This way is really the best way of getting rid of an old car because it helps out so many different people. It keeps the tow truck driver employed, the automobile auction staff in a job, and the money helps the charity carry out their mission. Also, someone potentially gets a method of transportation that they otherwise might not have been able to afford, and after all this you get a nice tax deduction to top it off.