If, like me, you like to be the one who decides exactly what you share (or don’t) on Facebook, you may not be keen on the row of photos that now appears along the top of your new Facebook profile, whether you want them to, or not. Facebook (or the people behind it), in their infinite wisdom, have once again decided how best to share your private information, and photos with the world, regardless of your own personal preferences. And in typical Facebook fashion, have denied their users the right to opt-out, of their new in-your-face Facebook photo sharing gadget, so that If you try to edit your Facebook profile to remove these photos, you’ll find that no such option exists.

In fact (at least currently), the only way to get rid of the row of photos at the top of your Facebook profile, is to remove your photos from the gadget one-by-one, manually. Which can be done by clicking on the small ‘X’ that appears should you hover your mouse over the top-right corner of each photograph. A task that, will be even more time consuming and tedious, for those with (or who have been tagged within) hundreds (or even thousands) of photos. With the only other option for removing these photographs being manually un-tagging yourself from every single photo (equally tedious).

Clicking on the ‘X’ and hiding your photo’s in this way only hides photos from the top row, while keeping them visible in your albums (and the albums of friends). So in this respect, if that’s what you’re looking for, it is effective. However, now when you go to edit your profile, and click on the option ‘profile picture’, you’ll notice a button near the bottom that gives you the ability to ‘unhide’ all of your photographs with a single click. Meaning, that it would have been just as easy for Facebook to include the option to remove (or hide) your pics with a single click too. Further proof, that Facebook, does what IT wants to do with your personal information, rather than what YOU would have it do. And deliberately makes it as difficult as possible, for you to do things YOUR way.