The quickest way to get a ripped chest is a question asked a lot in every gym and health club. Large pectoral muscles are considered sexy by women, and definitely make you look good at the beach or pool when you remove the shirt; they look good under a shirt when they fill it out, as well, and are a testimony to the work you have been doing in the gym.

There are to main muscles which make up the chest and give it shape;these are the smaller pectoralis minor muscle which lies directly on the chest wall and the larger pectoralis major muscle which rests on top of the pectoralis minor and gives the chest it's appearance.

The necessary exercises for building the chest muscles naturally focus on the chest muscles, but you also need to exercise the other large muscles in the body, such as the quadriceps (in the front of the thigh), in order to promote production of the necessary growth hormone. These exercises can help as part of a body building program. A popular ready made workout regime is the Vince Delmonte Fitness program. The bench press is the most popular and evident of chest building exercises. To do a bench press you hold a barbell above you while lying on your back, with your hands at the same width as your shoulders. The barbell needs to be lowered down to your chest and then returned to it's original position at arms length; but you must do this slowly. If you move too fast, the barbell will bounce off of your chest and, besides causing pain, will not actually help you.

Diet is also important in getting a ripped chest; not the 'starve yourself to lose weight' kind of diet, but the 'actually being careful about what you eat' kind. While losing the layer of fat over the chest muscles is important, it is far more important to build and maintain the bulk of the actual muscles. Starving yourself will not only not work but it will cause the break down of all the muscle you worked so hard to build by sending your body into what is called a catabolic state. You need to maintain a good level of protein intake; but you also need to perform cardio workouts to help burn the fat or you will end up with fat on top of muscle making you look, not fit, but bloated.

How soon will you have a ripped chest? You have to be willing to be consistent in performing the correct workout routines and sticking to the proper type of diet; the results are dependent upon it. Consistency leads to the small gains that will, over time, turn into the large gains that you are seeking; this is always true. By working hard and consistently at it, you should have your desired ripped chest in as little as 11 weeks.