Think about a single person you know who would probably say they don't want a six pack abs. You probably won't be able to think about any.

Almost everyone wants to have those washboard abs we see on the television and to achieve this, we need a guide to help us get the best results.

In this article, you will know how to get ripped six pack abs using certain work-outs guaranteed to build those muscles around your middle section.

To do this, we need to strip ourselves off of the fat by doing different exercises to burn and melt the fat away. Next is we have to build the muscles in our middle area to properly sculpt this portion of our body.

There are many different workouts for different people. The idea is to find the right mix for you.

You must also remember that in order to get the desired results fast, you must eat a healthy diet low in fat and carbohydrates but high in fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals that would support and sustain you through your exercise routines.

Workout plan #1: Burn and melt those fats away by doing cardiovascular exercises. Boost the oxygen flowing into your bloodstream with these regular workouts to burn the fat faster and easier.

These exercise routines are guaranteed to keep the blood pumping and allows you to perspire as a result of you burning those unwanted fats.

There are many ways on how to get ripped six pack abs by performing cardiovascular exercises. One is through aerobic routines or even dance routines.

Another is by playing sports. And third is by running at the treadmill, riding on the stepper, going for a bike ride, or even jogging.

Do any of these exercises every other day for about 30 minutes, and you will burn those fats faster than you could ever imagine.

Workout plan #2 Weight and resistance training is also another way to let those washboard abs show.

Remember that at the beginning it was mentioned that not only are you to burn fat, but you're also supposed to gain muscles that would sculpt your body into its perfect shape and form.

Body sculpting involves a series of weight and resistance training to boost strength, increase endurance as well as make the muscles more prominent therefore shaping the body.

If you want to know how to get ripped six pack abs, the answer is very simple. Perform those cardiovascular exercises mentioned earlier and then perform a series of resistance training.

Throw in a couple of abs-specific workout like your basic crunches, sit-ups and leg raises to give more emphasis around your mid-section. Do this and increase repetitions and sets as you go along and you will get the desired results in less time than you think.

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