So you are planning to propose (or maybe you just became engaged) and now you need to buy a ring as a representation of your love and commitment. However, buying an engagement ring can be a very challenging mission. A lot of pressure is riding on the ring you decide to purchase, after all. Not only is it a symbol of your engagement, but your fiancée will very likely be showing it off to her friends, family and everyone in between. An engagement ring must therefore be chosen with great care, but this can be difficult if your soon-to-be fiancée has very specific tastes. For example, what if she wants a ruby engagement ring?

Original Star K(tm) Round 7mmRuby engagement rings can be the right decision for a variety of reasons. For starters, there’s the ruby engagement rings’ meaning. Rubies are red, which many couples view as a further visual symbol of their love, passion and strength, among other things. The ruby is also the birthstone for the month of July, so your girlfriend may like it for this reason if she was born during this month. Some may choose rubies for their durability, as they are second only to diamonds in their natural hardness. For women who are very active or get their hands dirty through work and/or other activities, this is a particularly good reason for choosing ruby engagement rings over those with most other stones.

Original Star K(tm) 7mm Round Created Ruby Engagement RingThen there are those who appreciate the historical significance and connection that comes with ruby engagement rings. In the ancient world, rubies were known by many cultures as the “king of precious stones”. Some believed that it helped ward against danger and evil spirits in addition to aiding a person’s health. It was only until relatively modern times that rubies started representing love, and it wasn’t until more recent decades that ruby engagement rings went mainstream. To date, the most famous ruby engagement ring is the one that Prince Andrew gave to Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson, Duchess of York, for their engagement in 1986.

Original Star K(tm) 7mm Round Created Ruby Engagement Ring LIFETIME WARRANTYOthers simply desire ruby engagement rings because of they like the color red. The color of the band and stone used is important to a lot of people— as it should be since the ring is meant to last for the rest of the wearer’s life. In other words, you simply can’t waltz into the nearest Zales and get the first engagement ring you see (unless of course that ring just so happens to be perfect). Many choose ruby engagement rings because of their unique color. The vast majority of engagement rings have diamonds as opposed to other gemstones.

Jewelers like Tiffany and Co., Kay Jewelers and Jared typically have a wide supply of rings and other jewelry with precious stones, but as mentioned above, diamonds are most commonly used of the four known stones (the other three being sapphires, emeralds and of course, rubies). Nevertheless, ruby engagement rings are by far not impossible to find in stores, but the selection is often limited. Therefore, someone may have to do a bit of searching to find engagement rings with gemstones like rubies.

14K White Gold Square Created Ruby Engagement RingIn today’s times, the best place to look for most things is almost always the Internet. Right at your fingertips you have instant access the thousands of engagement rings, and online shopping can be easier than in a store. For ruby engagement rings, some good online vendors to check out are Blue Nile and Shane Co. Both have a wide selection of ruby engagement rings, as well as other ruby jewelry pieces (which is great if you want to get her something to match her ring either now or for a future anniversary).

Still, if you don’t find something you like from traditional jewelers, you may want to look at vendors of vintage jewelry. While not nearly as wide in selection, there are vintage engagement rings with rubies. You also have the option of having an older ring reset with a ruby or other stone of choice. Such a ring would be particularly appropriate for women who enjoy vintage clothing, like history or simply like being different. Vintage rings also tend to take longer to find and purchase, and your thought and devotion will certainly show.

Custom-made ruby engagement rings are another option. These rings usually cost more, but many people like the fact that they are truly unique.

1.25 Carat (ctw) Kate Middleton Diana Inspired 10K White Gold Real Round Diamond Real Oval Red Ruby Royal Engagement Ring 1.25 CTIt is well worth mentioning, however, that the price of a ruby is first and foremost determined by its color, as in, the precise shade of red it comes in. For example, “pigeon blood-red” is the brightest and most valuable known shade, and is therefore the highest in cost. But of course, the exact price of a ruby engagement ring is not determined solely on the color of the ruby— there are several other factors that are considered. As far as the ruby itself goes (or rubies, if you get one with multiple stones), price is mainly determined by evaluating its clarity, carat, size and cut.

The type of metal used in the actual band of the ring also contributes greatly to the overall cost. Rubies are typically set in gold, white gold, platinum or sterling silver. There may even be some titanium ruby engagement rings, as titanium is becoming increasingly popular for wedding and engagement rings. Now, titanium is generally the cheapest of the major metals used in rings, but it is not necessarily suitable for an engagement ring. For one thing, titanium rings cannot be resized, meaning that either your fiancée needs to pick out the ring herself or you will need to know her exact finger size if you hope to surprise her. Although titanium is the most durable, another disadvantage is that it is not as shiny as other metals, and some may feel that its lack of luster may not go well with a ruby. Of course, the type of metal you choose should correspond well with both with your budget and your fiancée’s personal style preferences.