Tickets to the best sporting events usually sell out quickly, leaving fans without tickets with the option of either watching the game on television or trying to buy tickets outside of the stadium. Watching the game on television can be fun, but there is nothing better than seeing your team with the big game while you're there. However, finding tickets can be very difficult. Follow these steps and perhaps you will be watching the game at the stadium.

Things You Will Need

Money (tickets aren't free) and good negotiation skills

Step 1

The first thing that must be done is figure out how many tickets are needed. A pair of tickets is not too difficult to find, but any number more than two is hard to find.

Step 2

A few weeks or sooner before the game, search websites that allow fans to sell and buy tickets. Familiarize yourself with the prices of these tickets. If the price of these tickets seems reasonable, buy them. The tickets may not be cheaper at the stadium.

Step 3

Dress yourself in your team's attire. Though it might seem sacrilegious, if your team is not the home team, it may be a smart idea to dress in the home team's colors or even to wear neutral colors. Professional scalpers do not care what team you are supporting, but accidental scalpers might be more likely to sell their tickets to people who are supporting their team.

Step 4

Arrive at the stadium a few hours before the game. Stand a hundred yards or so from the entrance.

Step 5

Hold up as many figures as the number of tickets you need. Look for people who are selling tickets and see what their prices are and where the seats are. It is okay to negotiate with the ticket sellers. They might lower their price. If the price seems high, don't worry because the price of tickets usually goes lower the closer the time is to the start of the time. It also helps to walk around the outside of the stadium.

When you have found tickets that are of a good price, buy them and enjoy the game.

Tips & Warnings

If you plan to attend the game with a child, make sure that the child is near you and also holding up his/her fingers. People who have extra tickets who are not professionals might be more likely to sell their tickets to you because they want the child and you to enjoy the game together. Also, remember that ticket scaling is illegal in some areas. Know the laws before going. You want a ticket to the game, not a ticket from the police though.