A website without traffic is a waste of time. The purpose of publishing a website on the Internet is to have it read or make money. Website traffic is the key to success. The best traffic on the web is search engine traffic because it is free and very targeted and it's HUGE.

If you want to become successful on the Internet then you must get search engine traffic. It's not easy but it is worth the effort.

There are three concepts that determine whether you get search engine traffic and how much. They are content, links and SEO.

Things You Will Need

Search Engine Traffic and Content
The most significant concept of SEO and getting search engine traffic is content. Search engines love text based websites because they are easy to read and index. Websites with a lot of text/content do really well in search engine results pages and therefore get a large amount of traffic.

Write original and keyword rich content to attract the search engines. Write lengthy articles that are interesting and well written. Use proper grammar and spelling. Don't ever copy text from the Internet or a magazine or other publication. This is plagiarism . If you use content already on the Internet, the search engines will not index it. Write your own content or pay a professional writer to write for you.

Update your website often with fresh content and graphics like pictures. Pictures will also help with getting traffic from search engines. Google Images will send you traffic.

Step 1

Search Engine Traffic and Links
Search engines rank websites in order to determine how to display them when keyword searches are performed. One aspect that is considered when ranking websites is links or backlinks as they're called.

Backlinks are links pointing towards your website. This means you must get other websites to put a link pointing to your website on them. Backlinks are like votes in an election, the more votes the better your chance of winning or getting traffic.

There are many ways to get backlinks. You can find relevant websites and request a link. These are the best type of backlinks

The most popular way is to submit your website to link directories. There are over 8,000 link directories that you can submit your website to. Some link directories are free and some are paid. Just go to the link directory and look for the "Add URL" button or link. Then fill out the form and submit.

Another popular method of getting backlinks is to write an article and submit it to article directories. Article directories are similar to link directories with the exception of listing articles instead of links. There are over 800 article directories that are free to submit to.

Social bookmarking websites are also a good place to get free high quality backlinks. There are 200 or so quality Social Bookmarking sites. You can add your links for free.

Step 2

Search Engine Traffic and SEO
SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a minor factor in getting search engine traffic but it is important and will help in the quest for traffic.

SEO is using keywords in the right places to assist in high search engine ranking. Always use keywords in the titles of articles and in headings and sub-headings. Use bold where appropriate.

Do not use high keyword densities, in other words do not repeat the same keywords more than 2% of the total number of words. Use keywords in the URL if you can and also in the name of the website.
With proper SEO techniques, you will be able to get a large amount of traffic from search engines and have a successful website whether it's informational, personal or a business.

Remember that quality is job ONE. Never sacrifice quality. Use quality content, quality links and quality SEO and your website will do very well.

Tips & Warnings

Do not link unrelated websites or use link farms. They will hurt your website.

Take your time. It takes time to place well in search engines.

Remember "Haste Makes Waste".

Good Luck