Slicking Your Hair Back

One day, you may find yourself asking “how can I slick my hair back?” Maybe you're planning to attend a 50's theme party, be an extra in the next Grease movie, or plan to be Fonz cool. Whatever the reason is, one of the key things to complete a 50's greaser look to have that slicked back hair. Sometimes though, it isn't as easy as grabbing a specific hair gel and combing your hair back. Maybe you're in a hurry, or you're trapped in the Alaskan wilderness and can't afford to look for any quality hair products (although why you would need to dress as a greaser in the Alaskan wilderness is beyond me). Point is, you need something that gives you that authentic badboy, leather jacket wearing look, and you need to have it on hand.


Look around; see if you can find any Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. That's right, Vaseline. The lotion is better than any hair product I've used to keep my hair down and slicked back like an authentic greaser. The ‘jelly’ in Vaseline is very heavy, and it doesn't fade away after an extended period of time. So if you're planning on being out all night, you might not want to lug around a bottle of hair gel to keep your hair slick. That's why a little of Vaseline can do wonders in creating that authentic look.


Steps for using Vaseline to get that slicked back hair.


1) Run water through your hair. This allows you to mold it without too much trouble. Dry hair is more difficult to try and fix in a specific fashion.


2) Make sure you have a comb (comb, not a brush) ready. Dip your fingers in vaseline and run it along the edge of the comb, don't use it on your hair just yet though. Place the comb to the side.


3) Return your fingers to the container of Vaseline and get a bit of glob on your fingers (more Vaseline will keep your hair down for longer). Spread it over all of your fingers and run through your hair, this will get most of the Vaseline in your hair and help keep it down.

NOTE: Be careful when putting jelly in your hair. Too much can give your hair a REALLY greasy look, which can be really difficult to wash out immediately.


4) Now, you have to act quickly before everything dries and it makes fixing your hair a problem. Take the comb and run it through your hair, styling it however you would like.

NOTE: The space between the teeth of the comb will affect how your hair looks. I find the less space, the better the look, but this is a personal preference.


There! Your hair looks like it was stolen straight from a 50's greaser. Find yourself a leather jacket and a pair of jeans to compliment your new look. You'll find that your hair has a very distinctive oily look to it.


Removing the Jelly

To remove the Vaseline, make sure you have an extended period of time to shower (a shower is preferable to a bath here). The best course of action is simply to stand under the show head and let the water rinse out the majority of the jelly. Following that, shampoo your hair, rinse, and repeat several times to ensure your hair can return to its fluffy originality. A few days may be needed to remove all of the grease (so be careful using this tactic if you have a job interview the next day).