eBay FeedbackThe website eBay promotes its users to use their feedback feature. Leaving feedback for sellers on eBay can help others determine the reputation of that id. Leaving feedback for buyers on eBay can help sellers determine if the id will pay and what course of action to take in the event that id doesn't. Due to stricter seller and buyer rules with eBay and Paypal, the rate of successful sales on eBay has increased dramatically for my personal experience . However, getting a buyer or seller to leave proper or any feedback at all, is difficult and sometimes down right tricky.

Importance of leaving feedback on eBay:

Feedback is part of the buying and selling experience on Ebay. As a buyer it will let others know if that person is honest and trustworthy person and easy to deal with. If there happened to be a problem with an item the purchase, it can let a seller know that the buyer is indeed telling the truth by their proven track record. This helps the seller want to fix the problem for the buyer. It can also relieve the buyer's mind when someone has bids on an item. It's always a fear for sellers that the bidder will not follow through with the purchase or find a way to cheat them. Having that bit of knowledge from past sales is very mind easing information.

As a seller, it gives buyer the knowledge the need to feel comfortable to place a transaction. A buyer will look at the positive results versus the negative ones. If a seller has 2 negative comments but 1,000 positives, a buyer knows that more than likely the transaction is safe. Many honest sellers can have a couple of bad feedbacks, especially if they have high volume sells. It's just difficult to please everyone, and some people just can't be pleased. However, if I seller is relatively new and has several negatives, a buyer should beware.

The problem with this system is the lack of people leaving comments after transactions. It can hurt a buyer or seller not be able to build up their good reputation on eBay. Someone who sells on eBay can expect to only receive about 2/3s of the feedback for their transactions and the same can go for a buyer. The biggest problem with feedback is that the bidder is waiting for the seller to leave feedback and the seller is waiting for the buyer. The other problem is just simply that some people are too lazy and can't be bother with leaving feedback. Some new sellers and buyers might have not learned how the feature works.

How to get sellers to leave feedback for purchases:

If after receiving a successful transaction a seller has still not left feedback, simply leave feedback for the seller. This usually works best, as many sellers will not leave feedback for an item unless the buyer has already done so. The reason for this, is that many sellers don't want to close the transaction until they realize the receiver is satisfied with the purchase. Of course don't leave a positive if unhappy with the purchase, that requires an attempt to fix the situation. If after leaving feedback, none is received back after a few days, simply write the buyer a friendly message.

For example:

I received the dress. It can promptly and as described in the auction. I have left you positive feedback and would greatly appreciate if you could do the same for me.

Thank you,

Buyers Name

This should work. However, if feedback is not received in a few days after this attempt, another email might be in order. Of course, some people do not want to go through this trouble, but feedback is work the effort to some people. This email should be firmer and stricter.

For example:

This is my second attempt to contact you on this matter. I paid for my item promptly and have left you feedback in a timely matter. Feedback is an important part of a transaction to me. If feedback is not left for the transaction, I'll have no choice but to leave a followup on the positive I left for you. This will include commenting on the customer service. This will also be our last transaction on eBay.

Buyers Name

This should do the trick. If it doesn't, there really isn't much left to do but refrain from purchasing from the seller in the future. They will have lost a customer and perhaps they will learn. This is another trick that can be done before a transaction ever takes place. Click on the number of feedback the user ID has, this will go to a feedback profile page. Click on feedback for all. This will show you if the seller in question leaves feedback for others. This can save time and trouble. One might also see that the seller does leave feedback but in bulk about once a month. This is common with sellers on eBay with high volume.

How to get buyers to leave feedback for purchases.

The last thing a seller wants to do is drive traffic away and lose customers. Emails for request for feedback might do just that, or worst it can warrant for some negative feedback out of what the customer might take as harassment. The best solution for getting buyers to leave feedback is by placing a disclaimer in the actual auction listings and even in the invoices.

For example:

We believe in leaving feedback for all of our customers. However, we will not leave feedback until we know that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. Once feedback is left and we know you are happy, we will return the favor. If there happens to be a reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us rather than leaving a negative comment. We want to resolve any problems a customer might have.

Please refrain from personal insults, crazy threats and name calling. eBay has a low tolerance for this type of behavior. Once a feedback is left, it will not be change unless there is solid proof that the feedback was left out of unfairness. This is very hard to prove and convince to eBay. So, keep that in mind before lashing out or leaving a comment that might reflect badly personally. Many people will look at the feedback profile of ids  to determine if the feedback was honest or just a personal problem.