SocialVibe is a networking site that enables members to give back to charity at no cost to them through sponsor endorsements. It's easy, fun and members have opportunities to win prizes. Here is how to get sponsored and give back with SocialVibe.

Things You Will Need

SocialVibe account

Step 1

Jessica Mellott with Social Vibe pink balls

Join SocialVibe by using this link: or by clicking the SocialVibe link You can also sign up directly at the site, but if you use the link, the points earned from the link sign up are automatically donated to Charity Water. This is a great way to join Social Vibe Get Sponsored and Give Back.

Step 2

Select a sponsor at SocialVibe There are a number of sponsors to choose from; Sprint, Colgate, Juicy Couture, Hello Kitty, Power Bar, 7 for all Mankind, Converse, Nike etc.

Step 3

Select the cause of your choice. There are many causes to choose from including Education, Charity Water, Drugfree America, World WildLife Fund etc.

Step 4

Copy the codes you are given at SocialVibe and paste them in your blog, at your social sites etc. Every time someone visits your site, you will earn points that are turned into cash for your charity.

Step 5

Spend a few minutes each day at your SocialVibe site answering a simple question of the day, participating in the forums, updating your status etc. to earn more points for your charity cause.

Step 6

When you have earned 2000 points you can request a cute pink SocialVibe ball and be a "pink baller". Pose with it for your profile pic on a social site and have others ask you how they can join SocialVibe Get Sponsored and Give Back!

It takes just minutes to join SocialVibe and does so much to help others. It is truly worth it.

SocialVibers have raised over $100,000 for charity.

To join SocialVibe and raise money for a charity water (you can pick your own cause after you have joined) click here.

Tips & Warnings

Every so often a sponsor will offer a perk, extra points or a drawing for something like a Juicy Couture warm up suit, pair of Seven Jeans etc. If you are interested in these visit SocialVibe and the sponsors often to see what perks are available.