How to Get Stains off Teeth. Whether you teeth are stained from smoking, or too much coffee drinking has left a stain on your teeth, you need to be able to get stains off your teeth fast. Here's how to get stains off teeth with just a few simple steps, and eliminate stains on teeth for good.

Things You Will Need

tooth whitening strips

a toothbrush to whiten teeth

Step 1

First, to get stains off teeth, wrinse or brush after every meal. Your teeth are stained by the preservatives and dyes of different foods, and letting these foods that cause stains on your teeth sit on your teeth for prolonged periods of times makes teeth yellow. Instead, brush or wrinse with mouth wash to eliminate tooth staining plaque after every meal to get stains off teeth, and be sure to brush with a normal pressure, so you don't damage your gums or enamel. Oh, and don't forget the floss when trying to get stains off teeth.

Step 2

Next, switch to a whitening toothpaste instead of regular formula toothpaste to get stains off teeth. Many toothpastes these days come with toothpaste whitening built in, however not all toothpastes are formulated to whiten your teeth, so be sure to check for it on the label with whitening toothpaste brands such as Crest to get stains off teeth for good.

Step 3

Finally, avoid activities that cause stained teeth to begin with when trying to get stains off teeth. This includes eating sugary, artificial, highly colored foods, drinking soda (even diet soda!), drinking coffee frequently, and smoking. If you want to get stains off teeth, getting stains off teeth is a matter of good oral hygiene practices in combination with avoiding things that stain your teeth, and drinking lots of healthy water to wrinse away the plaque that's preventing you from getting stains off teeth.

Step 4

The final step in how to get stains off teeth, if you have extremely stained teeth is to try at home whitening kits or whitening bleach for tooth stains. However, be cautious, as whitening kits can be a scam, or actually cause damage to your teeth. Alternatively, try putting a damp finger in baking soda, and rubbing your teeth stains before brushing. Baking soda is a natural home remedy to eliminate stains on teeth, and as a last resort can help you to get stains off teeth quickly.
To get stains off teeth is simple, if you have time, patience, and the correct teeth whitening tools.

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