Are you considering making money writing articles from home? Writing Internet content has to be one of the easiest, least expensive and potentially lucrative ways to make money from home ever. You need nothing except to be in good command of the English language, knowledge in some area (it really does not matter which one, or how obscure) and the time to get started. There are many platforms which will allow you to start for free and allow you to begin generating passive income through revenue sharing every month.

What's great about making money writing articles is that you can write about virtually anything and continue to make money on that article for months to years in the future.

The more you write, the more you will make. The more you write the easier it will become to know which articles and topics are the most popular. The more popular your content, the faster you will generate even more revenue.

While writing for a share of revenue is not for everyone, those with the desire to hone their skills will find that once they know what works, writing from home is both a viable and reliable way of making large sums of money every month.

How to Get Started Making Money Writing Articles from Home

If you are in need of extra cash this instant, consider writing for an article writing service. All of the following are reputable and hire writers as freelance contractors. I still use these services on occasion when I need extra cash quickly and without hassles:

1. Textbroker

2. eLance

3. Ifreelance

4. odesk

To be truthful, you will make more working for a private party such as an SEO firm needing articles, eBay Powerseller needing auction listings written or blogger who needs regular content written, but there is always work through the services, often on tight deadlines. Tight deadlines are good when you need to get paid quickly.

If you are just getting started, sometimes it is both more profitable and easier to have an experienced private party as your boss. They know the ins and outs of the business and you will learn much about how to write content for Internet viewing under their guidance. Similarly knowledge of writing specifically for the Internet will make your time spent writing for the services much more efficient and profitable. Time is money, and article writing is a volume business.

Writing Articles for Passive Income

The second way to make money with writing articles is to generate passive income from the content you create by adding advertising for revenue on those pages. The biggest and easiest program for making money with advertising revenue is Google Adsense. Adsense has the largest advertiser base anywhere on the Internet and the pay is usually very good for those creating content. The main thing about Google is that they want the content written to be usable, informative and unique. Offering value to searchers is one of the best ways to make money online by writing articles regardless of where you write.

If you either do not have the time or the skills to be a blogger and then monetize the page with Adsense as your business model, you may want to consider an Adsense revenue sharing site instead.

Writing Articles for Passive Income Using Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites

What is an Asdense revenue sharing site? Adsense revenue sharing sites are sites where you can post your content and get a share of the revenues the site brings in from Adsense and other forms of advertising. Adsense revenue sharing sites work in two ways. The first is to pay you a straight share or revenue on a set rate per 1,000 page views whether or not that traffic clicks an ad. You will be paid through the websites partner program either on a weekly or monthly basis, usually either by direct deposit or Paypal. The other option is writing for a site which allows you to get your own Adsense account and then show your ads a set percentage of the time, and theirs at a lesser percentage of the time. Sites with this compensation model have an advantage in that they will allow you to come to understand which articles are producing and which are not. You will be paid by Google monthly through the Adsense program and paid either by direct deposit or paper check.

I am often asked which model is better, but in truth I like them both. I tend to write on topics which are trendy and seasonal for those offering a strict page view revenue model. For the straight revenue sharing model, I tend to select evergreen, timeless topics because they need to convert well to make much money with Adsense.

Here are a list of sites you can write for offering Adsense revenue sharing, these are my favorites and tend to be the most productive for me, although there are others:

Sites Allowing Your Own Adsense ID

1. Infobarrel is my current favorite. They accepts most topics and will give you a whopping 75% off the impressions to you for your content. They are currently running contests which will allow you to get a 90% share of Adsense impressions on your content for writing a minimum amount of content for the month. Free sign up and super easy to use platform. They have been very profitable for me.

2. Hubpages is my next best pick. I have been with them for several years now and this is a great platform allowing you to add more than just articles to your work. Add pictures, feeds, video to your articles to make a truly valuable user experience. Hubpages offers 60% revenue sharing and you can currently monetize with either Amazon, Ebay (if you are already a member of Ebay), and Adsense. Hubs make tend to convert well and are always steady earners for me.

3. is another good article bank option similar to Info Barrel offering a 70% share of impressions. I just started with them recently and have had good luck with the layout of their pages converting well. I plan to continue adding content monthly with them from here on out.

Sites Paying by Page Views and Traffic

1. Associated Content is my favorite in this group because there are two ways you can earn. If your article is purchased by the site you will be paid via Paypal anywhere from $3-$20 per article up front. They also have a program which pays for page views at a rate of $1.50 for every 1,000 impressions. Payment is weekly with very low minimums, and you can submit content which has been written by you and published elsewhere online.

2. eHow is another Adsense profit sharing site. Their terms of service state that you get paid per article based on the traffic the article generates, usefulness and uniqueness of the content. I was hesitant to try them at first, because they would not state their rates upfront but eventually gave them a try. I could not be happier with them and make small, but growing revenue on my articles monthly. I plan to continue writing for them in the future.

The key to getting started with writing articles from home is really three fold. You only need to decide if you would rather write for a wage with the writing services, for your own portfolio, or both. If selecting the passive income model, the most important thing to know is that you will need a large volume of work which is useful, unique and helpful. Residual income takes awhile to get rolling in with article writing for passive income, but grows steadily over time. The second main thing to remember is that the more article platforms you use to generate your income the safer that income will ultimately be. Do not, under any circumstances, put all your eggs in one basket. Finally, and most importantly, understand that you do not need to be a pro to make a good deal or money online. Do not let anyone tell you that training is everything, or that you need to be an expert in your field. The Internet has made knowledge of all kinds in demand. Sometimes, actually more often than not, it is the specialized knowledge which is highly sought after. Your most highly compensated articles will almost always be on the most off-beat topics.