Many people have shopped on Amazon's website, but have NO idea that anyone can sell on Amazon, for no upfront listing fee and have money directly deposited into your checking account when the item sells! There are a couple of easy steps to setting up a Merchant/Individual Account on

Things You Will Need

Computer Email Address Broadband Connection to Internet Item to Sell

Step 1

Go to At the bottom of the Home page, click on the link that says "Sell on Amazon". It will take you to a page that says, "Sign Up".

Step 2

The next page shows you a couple of options for selling. If you are a merchant, for $39.99/month plus selling fees, this can be a great opportunity to get your products in front of millions of customers who shop daily on Amazon.

Step 3

If you are an individual who sells less than 40 items per month, there is NO monthly fee, but instead a per product sold fee of $0.99. This also can get your items in front of many possible customers, with no listing fee.

Step 4

In addition to those two programs, on the left hand side of the page, there is a button that says "View All Amazon Programs". There are lots of ways to make money using Amazon. Find the ones that are best suited to your needs.

Step 5

Once you are logged in and have filled out some of the basic info (like where they will deposit your money) in Manage My Seller Account, you are ready to go. Search for the product you want to sell. On the right of that new page, there is a link that says, "Sell Yours Here" right under the buying choices. Follow the link and fill out the condition and price, quantity and shipping method and you are done! It's really EASY to earn cash by selling your stuff on It doesn't cost you a penny until your item sells! For some folks, this may be easier than selling items on eBay!

Tips & Warnings

Print out your email confirmation that you've listed an item. Keep in a binder or folder. The item will be listed for 60 days at a time. If you don't sell it, no cost to you. Be prompt and follow the links once you sell an item. Amazon will give you a certain amount in shipping credit. You will pay for it upfront and it will later come back to you in your deposit from the sale.