Are you tired of being looked down on? Are tired of asking how to get taller and only up with no answer? Are you wishing that you could do something about it and that you could grow taller even for just a bit? This may sound too good to be true but you can actually add inches to your height, naturally. You would have to undergo surgery and you won’t have to take unnecessary pills. 

When you try searching for ways to grow taller on the internet you will find a lot of options. Some employ natural ways while other employ more aggressive ones. If you prioritize your body’s health and safety, then natural is always the way to go. What good would it be to grow taller if you experience debilitating side effects in the process? That’s a risk that nobody should be willing to take. Don’t worry because natural methods are not only safe, they are effective as well. Because there are several natural methods to get taller, you can even customize a program that will work best for you. Just follow the pointers below and your on your way to becoming taller. 

First, start with looking at the way you sleep. Your sleeping habits are important because human growth happens mainly when you sleep, so make sure that you are sleeping at optimum levels. The best sleeping position for increasing your height is lying flat on your back. Then support your knees by placing a pillow underneath them. As much as possible, sleep on a firm mattress for eight hours a night and with the right sleeping positions.  If you sleep in a position that can hinder your growth, all the height increasing exercise will be for nothing even if you are taking in the best nutrition for your body. 

Height increasing exercises can also do wonders for you height. Combine both stretching and aerobic exercises so you can add inches to your height. The hanging bar exercise is one of the best stretches for your body because it will stretch your entire back. You don’t have to belong to a gym to be able to do the exercise. You can even try it on monkey bars in the park or any where that has a piece of metal bar that you can hang on without your feet touching the ground. All you have to do is hang on to the bar with both of your hands facing away from you. Do this for half a minute and repeat it as often as you like. Aerobic exercises such as swimming and cycling are also great exercises to get taller. Not only does your body stretch, it also builds up resistance. 

Another important factor for increasing your height is your diet. You will need to modify your diet to accommodate the needed nutrients and calories for increasing your height. Eat foods that are rich in calcium, protein and essential amino acids. Drink a lot of milk and take a multivitamin supplement, especially one that also contains essential minerals. 

How can I get taller is a question you won’t have to ask yourself anymore. Just follow the pointers above and you can grow taller.