Keep hair tangle free and manageable

Tangles can range from minor to mild to severe. These can be so painful and hard to manage for some people. If not cared for in a proper manner it can be down right damaging, causing breakage and uprooting of the hair. There are some ways to decrease the pain, and get rid of tangles without damaging the hair.

Getting the tangles out and prevention:

  • Wet the hair and saturate it with a good quality conditioner. This method can be used while showering to avoid a big mess. Be sure to saturate the hair from root to tip, extra well. Wet hair is more brittle and will break easier, the conditioner will help the hair to be more durable and flexible.
  • Use the fingers or a wide tooth comb to carefully ease the tangles out. Begin at the ends of the hair and work it up to the roots.
  • When all or most of the hair is tangle free, gently comb through the hair from roots to ends. To reduce the chance of hair damage and breakage it is extremely important not to force the comb through the hair. Again, use a wide tooth comb, avoid using a bristle hair brush which is damaging to the hair.
  • Rinse away the conditioner throughly, and style the hair as normal. If the hair is prone to tangles, treat the hair with a detangler by simply misting a small amount onto the hair.
  • When tangles are not of a serious nature use a detangler. Buy a detangler or make one. This is done by diluting conditioner with water. Put in a spray bottle for easier application and spray it directly on the hair before combing. This can be use this on damp hair prior to combing if preferred.
  • Excessive tangles might have to be cut out so it is important to treat tangles as they occur.
  • Prevent tangles by brushing hair throughout the day. If the weather is going to be windy, sports are being played or anything other element that will increase the chances of tangles, the hair should be worn braided. Riding on ATVs, motorcycles and in the back of pickup trucks can give the hair massive tangles. Again, it's best to wear the hair braided, pulled back or in a net when riding in the wind.
  • For further prevent of tangles, keep the hair healthy. Healthier hair is less likely to get tangled. Keep the ends trimmed, eat a well balanced diet, use high quality salon products and give the hair oil treatments if necessary.