Penny Items at Dollar General

Penny items are items that have been clearenced out at Dollar General.  Employees of Dollar General are supposed to catch these items and remove them from the shelves and put them in the back to be shipped back.  However, this doesn't always happen.  A majority of the stores do have several penny items available at any point in time.

As of 9/15/2015, these are some penny items that have been confirmed a penny.  There are many more items out there, but this is just a partial list.


-Hormel roast beef and gravy in a tin can

-Hungry Jack syrup in a bottle

-Pampa mackarell fish fillets in a can

-Pampa smoked oysters

-Chef Boyardee microwaveable cups (beefaroni, lasagna and 123 and abc's)

-JIF peanut butter crisp cereal

-Wyler fruit punch and white grape juice

-Clover Valley (Dollar General Brand) sloppy joe sauce

-Chips Ahoy Oreo Creme and Birthday

-Old El Paso rice, bean and corn microwavable bowls

-Bridgeford beef jerky (original flavor, not sweet baby rays)

-Underwood chicken spread

-Cream of wheat (maple brown syrup flavor only)

-Spam oven roasted turkey and Spam classic light

-Beef Rice a Roni

-Hormel completes (macaroni and cheese)

-Honey Nut Cheerios Medley Crunch

-Yoohoo in a 4 pack cans

-Arizona orange and grapeade flavors

Make sure you check expiration dates of the food.  There may be some that are past their expiration date and that may be why

Art Skills products in stationary have been pennied out.  There is a number of Art Skills products that are ringing up a penny, but it is not every Art Skills product  The addition and subtraction charts and money charts are definitely a penny.  Also, the paw stickers and purple glittery stickers are also a penny. Crayola Frozen coloring pads have recently become a penny as well.


Toys with a yellow dot are also a penny.  Some of them are excluded however.  Make sure the ones that you try are older than 2015.  If you look at the tag you will see a colored dot under the price tag.  On the tag it will say something like SU14, F14, SP12, etc.  The first two letters stand for the seasons; WI=Winter, SP=Spring, SU=Summer, F=Fall.  The ending numbers stand for the year; 14=2014, etc.  This is something important to look for while penny shopping.


Any accessory with a pink start on it is a penny as well.  Watches, jewelry, hair accessories and cell phone cases are a few examples.


Hard cover books with a brown dot that are best sellers are penny items as well.


There are a few as seen on TV products that have pennied out recently.  The Hurricaine Spin mop and the Hover ball are two of the items.  If you can find one of these items out there on the shelves at Dollar General, consider yourself lucky.


Most of the penny items will be found in the clearance section, but there are a few cases where they are mixed together with other things on the shelves as well.  Be sure to look in the way back on the shelves in case you miss something.  I have often times found penny items in their regular spots within the shelves.

If the item doesn't ring up a penny, then it is not a penny.  There is no use arguing with the cashier if it doesn't ring up at that price.  Items may have reset back to full price or it is possible that the UPC isn't exactly the same.  It is extremely important to make sure you get the exact same item or it will not ring up at a penny.

You do not need any coupons or to do anything specific with these items.  They will automatically ring up a penny at checkout.  If the cashier refuses to sell any item to you, simply tell them to review their penny policy.  It is Dollar General's policy that they have to sell penny items to you.  If they are not compliant, don't start a fight with the employees.  Ask to speak to the manager if he or she is available and let them know that you are aware of their policy and if they need to look up the information, you will wait for them.  If they still are not wanting to sell you the items, call corporate and do not leave your cart.  Once you leave your cart, they will take it away.  Don't forget to do the Dollar General survey and leave a response of a poor experience at the store.  This will alert higher up people to check out the store and they will receive poor feedback from them.   The number one rule of penny shopping is to never ask to price check the item.  If it is not in your cart and they do not ring it up, then they don't have to sell it to you and they can take all the items off the shelf.  Another rule of penny shopping is to completely clear out the shelves if you do find a penny item.  Never leave any penny items back, because once you do purchase an item for a penny, an employee of Dollar General is made aware and they will go back to make sure there aren't any left on the shelf.  

Sometimes they will run 50% the clearance priced sales as well.  You will not get these items for a half of a penny if this is the case.  The least you will pay for one item is always going to be a penny.  It is impossible to pay for an item if it isn't even a penny.  When they do the 50% clearance sales, keep your eyes open.  You do not need a coupon and this is a rare sale that they run every so often just to get rid of some of the old product on the shelves.


Happy  penny shopping and good luck!  It takes a lot of patience and it is important to remember that you are not going to find penny items every time you shop.

Items that were found for a great price at Dollar General.  The wallets and Pampa fillets were the penny items that were found on this shopping trip.