Getting thousands of back links takes some time but with some helpful tips, it will work out well for you without spending money. Back links are useful if you have a website or you want to promote something on the web.

They tell search engines that your web pages should be viewed by internet users. To get thousands of back links so that your web pages receive higher rankings, you may try to use the ideas below.

Moderately Challenging


    • 1

      Your social bookmarking submissions will receive some very good back links to your web pages and sites.

    • 2

      Search engine is the largest traffic source for most websites and if you have a new website, try to post it in search engines for free. You don't need to pay for it.

    • 3

      Choose the right keywords that have the least competition and think of words that people are often interested to use when they are searching the web.

    • 4

      Take note to add only shorter relevant keywords as your tags. Try to select useful tags since some bookmark websites usually limit keyword characters.

    • 5

      Describe your web pages with shorter keywords to make it easy to search on the web.

    • 6

      Submit unique and quality articles to e-zines if you want to generate tons of back links. E-zine websites allow all writers to post articles and they will let you add your links at the bottom after each of your article.

    • 7

      Write quality articles to other article paying sites so that you can get high search engine ranking and tons of repeated back links for your web pages and sites.

    • 8

      Try not to build a large number of back links too fast in a single day because this will be detected as unnatural to search engines and you will not achieve any favorable results by doing so.

    • 9

      Write 5 articles and submit them to various article directories. If your articles are unique, informative and well written, they would likely be picked up by other webmasters and this will help build even more back links to your web pages or site.

    • 10

      Try to participate in forum discussions and give helpful advice and ideas. Some of these forums will allow you to create a signature file where you can place a link back to your site.

Tips & Warnings

  • Don't buy links from websites because most of the time, search engines like Google and Yahoo will not likely to take into account for a link that is purchased. So remember that spending money just on links for the sake of link building is truly a waste of your money.

  • If you are building links, always remember to build links gradually. Link building is like a cycle or process so try to do it always but not too fast in one day for search engine optimization. Articles that are original, unique, had never been published in any site and contain valuable information will greatly improve your web search engine ranking and strengthen your link building.