There is a certain skill involved, to gain twitter followers without following other twitter members, and here I am going to take you through that process, step-by-step.

Note: When building a community of twitter followers, there is no easy ticket - building your following takes time and hard graft, this process is certainly not going to be done over night.

Step One: Brand Your Twitter Account

  • Your Profile Page - inform people of who you are and what you are about, let the design of your background be a running theme through out your twitter account.
  • Your Profile Picture - again keeping the image consistent with your brand and image, you! Using the same DP as you do for your blog etc. will help people to instantly recognise you.
  • Your Bio - make sure you make use of it - whether it be sending traffic to your blog etc. Oh .. and don't actually forget to tell people a little something about you.

Step Two: Spread Your Link

  • If you have a blog or any sort of online presence use it to tell people that you are now on Twitter and encourage people to follow you. 
  • Be sure to mention your Twitter URL in the future. New potential guest posts that you may do, in the signatures of a forum or emails etc.
  • Bring it into the real world - mention it in your business card, in your letters, in presentations ... just leave it just about anywhere.

Step Three: Your Tweet Strategy 

  • Make sure you tweet and tweet some more, as with every tweet you do it appears on the 'public timeline' providing more opportunities for people to come across you.
  • Let your followers breathe, this means you shouldn't be tweeting too much (I know a contradiction) - but you need to allow your followers to reflect.
  • Tweet at the 'peak times' as this is when your tweets will receive most reaction - to determine when most of your followers are online you can use a great tool on Tweriod.Com

Step Four: How to Tweet

  • Give your followers something useful. Try and be helpful, aimed to solve a problem that is common amongst your followers - a little tip or a helpful link.
  • Be original, don't come out with the predictable, spice it up a little - aim to stand out from the crowd (but in a good interesting way).
  • Respond - participate in twitter, don't just hit your tweet and go, be sure to be inquisitive, make comments, answer questions etc.

Step Five: Be Genuine

  • Don't make up lies or take other people's tweets, in the hope you can pass it off as your own, it will come and bite you back in the end - and could ruin your reputation.
  • Try to connect to people on a personal level, don't come across as some corporate or political figure -  use their type of language and actually consider what their needs are.
  • Turn off the automations - Don't send an automatic tweet of the post you just published (people hate it), if you want to tweet about your post that is cool, but do it in a natural way.

Carrying out these five steps will certainly be a good strategy to get twitter followers without following other twitter members, and if you have any other suggestions please be sure to comment below.