As perhaps one of our most under appreciated organs, our ears really play a vital role in our lives that reaches far beyond simply the ability to differentiate various sounds. Not only are our ears vital for ongoing and continuous sound receipt, but they are also important in helping to facilitate a sense of balance and body position. Unfortunately, a variety of occurrences may happen that can easily lessen the functionality of our ears in effectively capturing sounds. As a result, whether from internal or external trauma, or because of situations such as simply getting water in your ear, you may require quick and prompt intervention in order to reverse (or minimizes the side effects) of whatever has occurred.

With the summer months upon us, and pool parties being enjoyed by all, it is highly likely that you (or someone you know) could easily get water in one of your ears. Stagnant water or fluids, wherever it is left for long periods of time, can oftentimes lead to infection, as organisms and bacteria are given a nice, warm, and nurturing environment to thrive in. What starts as an infection, over time, could actually begin to cause unwelcomed eardrum damage and pain, that could really begin to affect the nature and quality of the sounds you hear. Before you realize infection or any serious eardrum damage or pain, getting water in your ear can be a strait out annoyance, as you struggle turning your head every which way in order to get the water out effectively. Because of this, it is absolutely important that you know how to get water out of your ear, regardless of the situation that you find yourself in.

In this Info Barrel article, my "steps" I present are actually different potential actions you can take in order to get water out of your ear. I have organized this article, in this way, because each approach isn't really very lengthy or detailed, and, there are actually several methods, techniques, or approaches that have been proven to be safe and effective. No one presented in actually "better" than the other, however, I encourage you to try these tips out. If you are successful, I would be honored if you leaved a comment, at the bottom of this Info Barrel article, regarding which one worked the best for you or if none of them worked at all.

Things You Will Need

a Water Dropper

Step 1

When attempting to get water out of your ear, you will have a variety of online and offline sources that will argue which approach or method is the best or most effective. Knowing that there are quite a few options that 'could' work will probably be discovered in any Google search you may conduct. You may have a very smart family member who knows exactly what needs to be done. Regardless of what approach you decide to take, it is important that you know to refrain from staying away from any interventions that would require you to be any kind of object into your ear. Doing this could cause much greater damage, and may in fact actually escalate the severity of a relatively harmless situation.

Step 2

While you will find many approaches when trying to get water out of your ear, I have found that the best, most effective, method is when you actually instill more water into your ear. Rather than use the heat of a blow dryer, as some would suggest, I would recommend pouring a few drops of water into a dropper, turning your head so the affected side is facing upwards, and dropping some water, from the dropper, into your affected ear. Once you have allowed the water to settle in your ear for a few second, you will now want to quickly flip your ear, so as to serve as a drain for all the water in your ear. In this step, your ear will go from facing upward to facing downward, and this action will facilitate drainage of the nuisance water from your ear. In order for this to work, you may have to conduct this action repeatedly.

Step 3

For this step, or approach, you can make a vinegar wash solution and instill it into your ear similar to the previous technique. In order to make this solution, you will have to use a 50/50 mixture using distilled white vinegar and rubbing alcohol. After placing this solution into an eye dropper bottle, you can now instill it into your affected ear. The nature of this approach will actually help to kill germs and bacteria, while drying out, or evaporating, any trapped water in your ear. Instilling this solution, into your ear, can simply be done by tilting your head and pulling down your earlobe while you instill the solution.

Similar to the previous method, you should allow this solution to sit for a few seconds, in order to have maximum effect. After allowing it to kill the germs and bacteria, while evaporating the water, you will now turn your head to the side in order for all the fluid to drain out.

Step 4

Many have claimed that, when all approaches and techniques have failed, a product called "Auro-Dri" has successful helped as the only thing that could get their water entrenched ear unclogged. Those with swimmer's ear swear by this product, and, at a simple cost, this product can be purchased at your nearest pharmacy. At the time of this writing, "Auro-Dri" is available for purchase at many online and offline retailers such as: AMERISOURCE, ASC/GIANT FOOD, CARDINAL DIST, DISCOUNT DRUG MART, GOLUB CORP, HARRIS TEETER, HBC SERVICES, HD SMITH, HEB, KINRAY INC, KROGER,

Not only can getting water in your ear be a flat-out nuisance, but, if allowed to stay for long periods of time, could actually cause a degree of ear hearing damage. Quick and prompt treatment is necessary and will help to remove this unwanted water so that you don't have to worry about significant amounts of germ or bacteria congregating and causing an unwelcomed infection. While it would take some time to build up to an infection, the best, most optimal and effective approach is to remain proactive in your treatment. Using a product, such as "Auro-Dri", shortly before you even set out to swim may be effective as well.

Tips & Warnings

Never ever place any foreign object in your ear when trying to remove water or any other object for that matter. Doing so can cause permanent, irreversible, damage to your ear. Some have been known to stick items such as straws into their ears, and even objects, such as Q-tips, have been controversial.

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