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Two of the best things in life are happiness and laughter. Happiness and laughter stem from your smile, and you will never be afraid to smile if you have fresh, white teeth to show off. Your teeth can become stained from a variety of things you enjoy every day like coffee, wine, smoking, or just naturally over time without regular dental checkups, and professional cleaning. There is a way to change your smile to show brighter teeth, and you can start just by swapping your current toothpaste to advanced toothpaste especially designed for whitening teeth. Just by making your teeth brighter, you will automatically start smiling more often.

To get whiter teeth, you need to remove the surface stains. Removal may be achieved by a gentle abrasive in toothpaste that polishes the tooth as you brush, and the chemicals within the paste can react to help dissolve stains by breaking them down. Breaking down stains on your teeth can take quite some time, so do not think just a couple of brushes will suddenly have your teeth sparkling like diamonds. It takes time with a consistent use of properly formulated toothpaste, and it may take two to four weeks for you to see a real difference in tooth color.

When you decide to make the change to whiter teeth, you then need to decide what is the best tooth whitening toothpaste for you. You may choose to start with the brand you currently use and try that brand's whitening toothpaste. By using a brand you are familiar with you are more likely to enjoy the taste of the toothpaste. If you find you would prefer to spit it out quickly though, you may want to move on to the next brand name that you trust, and try their version of a whitening paste. Make sure you are aware of any sensitivity you have to toothpaste or if you have sensitive teeth overall, as this can affect your choice. Also, in choosing a brand you can trust, look for one with a seal of approval from a dental organization that is reputable.

Say you have a wedding to attend in a couple of months or another event where you just want to dazzle people with a gorgeous smile. For this, you may opt for stronger whitening toothpaste from your dentist. Your dentist will be able to recommend a tooth whitening program which can involve a specialized paste you need to apply, and leave on for a period of time. The dentist prescribed whitening toothpaste can be much faster acting, but at the same time, it will likely be far more costly than a tube of toothpaste from the supermarket.

Some may be skeptical as to whether the whitening toothpastes on the market work at all, but there have been scientific studies conducted that have had conclusive results indicating that there was a breakdown of teeth surface stains after four weeks of clinical trials. To be effective, a whitening toothpaste should be used twice a day, but do not go overboard in the hope of getting your teeth whiter faster by brushing more often each day as you could actually cause your teeth damage from excessive fluoride. Give whitening toothpaste a try. After about four weeks, you should be starting to see a little more dazzle in your smile.