This article "How To Get Women To Notice Me" dives into the secrets of what women want and inside clues on how to attract women.

Things You Will Need

A tiny bit of confidence and motivation to meet women

Step 1

The first step is your looks. You can't do anything at all about what nature has blessed you with but you can make sure you look presentable. Especially if you are planning on speaking to this woman for the first time. So make sure your fly is zipped, and that's not a catsup stain on your shirt. That might seem pretty basic but you can get women to notice you almost anywhere at anytime and anywhere and probably when you are not expecting it, so do a quick check over before you step up to meet this woman.

Step 2

Walk over to her. Wow! What a simple step but how you walk over to the woman and the way you stand and the expression on your face are big factors in whether you will get women to notice you or if they will ignore you. Stand up straight, put a smile on your face, the more natural smile you have the better. Your body language and your smile will probably be the first thing that impresses her. If you are hunched over or look exceedingly nervous, she may notice you but it won't be a favorable impression in most cases. This is the hardest part. Chances are if you are not used to approaching women then you may well be nervous. Try not to show this with practice you will find it gets much easier.

Step 3

Introduce yourself and say something inconsequential. Allow her time to return with her name. Use a conversation starter, but this part you must modify for the circumstances. Talk about the weather, the party, the surroundings, school, work, or use your imagination to find a topic appropriate for the circumstances. If she responds, you have gotten her attention. If not, and that can happen, you try again with another woman. Getting women to notice you is not 100 percent foolproof as not every single woman will be interested. They may have commitments or just be distracted.

Step 4

Express interest in her interests. At this step you have a casual conversation going. Listening is a good tool, and responding to her interests is an even better tool. Ask questions, express your own interests and see if she is still seems interesting to you. Focus not only on getting her to notice you but decide if she really is someone you want to get to know better. Presumably you are trying to get women to notice you so you can date or a least get to know them better. Once you do get their notice, there is no point in going further if the woman is not in the least interesting.

Step 5

This step depends on the circumstances and the woman. If she is talking to you casually and you find you have common interests then you have succeeded in getting a woman to notice you. What you do is up to you. Perhaps invite her to hang out sometime with a group. Or you may want to offer her your card or phone number and a "sometime" invitation to whatever activity you two share in common. Usually if the woman is interested she will give you her phone number in exchange. If you feel confident she is interested, just ask her out on a date. How you proceed is up to you.


Tips & Warnings

Rejection is hard and because society dictates the guy has to approach the woman, it will happen. Most times it is not even personal. It's just she is not interested at that time. Say goodbye politely and try again with another woman. The more often you approach women the easier it will get to do and the better you will become at it.