Xbox, Xbox 360 and 360 Stay, Xbox Live and Reside these are the best things to happen to the world of gaming consoles. Microsoft launched Xbox and ended Sony’s domination in the Gaming console and products. Xbox and Microsoft have evolved over the year and the numerous additions to the gaming concept has added to the user’s gaming experience.

Xbox 360 vs Playstation (PS3)

 Xbox Live is by far the best thing that happened to the gaming community. With Xbox Live any user can now connect to any other user in the world and play multiplayer games with them. With high speed internet connectivity and $50 annual or $8 monthly fee you can have access to the various features of Xbox Live. You need not fear if $50 seems too much to you. There is an easier alternative to it. You can get free Xbox live codes that can be redeemed for Gold memberships or for short limited period trial game. The other thing you need is to register on Xbox Live’s website with a unique "Gamertag".

You can integrate your account with MSN messenger where you can manage your personnel, maintain a record of your gaming experience and achievements. With all these features Microsoft Xbox largely justifies its $50 fee.

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