Google is no doubt the most important search engine today. Most sites that do not have a good Google search engine page rank (SERP) will find that they loose out on visitors. Over the years, Google has come up with various algorithms that help the engine to filter the sites and bring up results according to the web surfers needs. first-page-google-searchFrom the point of view of the web designer, these algorithms are very important since they will help with the SERP.

Some factors that will help to place your web site on the first page of Google are listed below –

• Keywords – The basic of good search engine optimization (SEO) is keywords. Unless the content is keyword rich, it is unlikely that the site will be able to enjoy a good SERP. So begin by first procuring a list of keywords that are relevant to your website and industry and then develop meaningful content around these keywords.

• Density – Most people make the mistake of presuming that the higher the keyword density, the more likely they are to achieve a better page rank. This is not true. Google filters are extremely aware and will often discard the site as just spam. So maintain a healthy keyword density of about 1% to 3 % and ensure that the content is valuable to the reader.

• Placement – You must know where to place these keywords, so that the search engine picks them effectively. The META title, the page title, first sentence, etc are a few crucial places where the keyword must be placed. Google is designed to pick on these aspects when displaying the search results. So never make the mistake of overlooking the placement of the keywords.

• Never trick – Do not waste time in trying to trick the search engine. Spamming will be killing the SEO of your site, so steer clear of the temptation. Once your site gets branded for spamming, recovering can take a long time and sometimes cost you financially also. Do not try and adopt shortcuts like hidden text either, since the Google search engine is likely to penalize you for this too.

Keep in mind that achieving a first page search engine rank requires a lot of expertise and patience too. It is not an overnight game and despite keeping the tips listed above in mind, it will also take some time before you can reach this position.