In many break ups, it is usually the girls who let go. They are usually the ones who tell their boyfriends that they want the relationship to end.

But there are many instances when girls seek for a reconciliation even if they were the ones who ended the relationship in the first place. If you are in this situation, what must you do to get your boyfriend back?

First is to make sure that you are never out of your boyfriend's consciousness. Make sure that you are always kept in his thoughts by regularly sending emails or text messages.

Keep your social networking accounts active so he will always know what is happening to you. Just always remember not to appear like you are stalking him.

Next is to find ways to entice him to ask you out again. This may be a little difficult but you can solicit the help of your friends by perhaps arranging chance encounters like a meeting in a party of a common friend.

To get your boyfriend back you also need to appear as if you are already okay and successfully moving on. You might find this a bit off because you might think that he will have the idea that you no longer want him.

You may be right here in some way but you must also know that guys love challenges. He might be challenged by how good you are in handling the situation and this might push him to take action.

Some girls believe that guys put a lot of premium on physical intimacy so they think that by having that with their ex boyfriends they will get them back. This isn't always the case and this will not always work. To know some more effective strategies read The Magic of Making Up.

Usually the boys are the ones who make the first move to get girls into a relationship. But in this case there are things that girls like you can do to make them go back to you without appearing bad. There are subtle things that you can do that will not make society think negatively of you.

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