Everyone has good ideas, but it’s getting these ideas heard that can be a challenge! Whether you’ve got an idea for a new invention, a solution to a problem, or even thoughts on how to improve a way of life, the following are a few ideas for spreading your ideas and getting your thoughts heard!

  • Always be thinking of new invention ideas.  While you may feel as if everything has already been invented, there are still plenty of new ideas to be had! Usually the best inventions are things that have to do with your everyday life or that tend to make your life easier.  Once you think you have a new idea, search online for anyone who may have had a similar idea.  Once you’ve come to the conclusion that there might not be anything like this out there, it’s time to call in a professional.  There are a handful of companies who will help you take your idea to production and who have the resources and contacts to do so.  These companies usually will charge you a fee, but their knowledge is worth the expense.  If you feel like you might be able to develop your idea on your own, feel free to do the research and try, but know that paying a little upfront might be the best solution!
  • Keep your eyes out for open innovation calls.  Open innovation is essentially a call put out by companies who may be looking for outside ideas on a problem they’re having, products they’re hoping to develop or even marketing strategies they’re looking to implement.  Companies such as IBM, Procter and Gamble Co., BMW, Southwest, and General Electric have all participated in open innovation at one point or another over the years.  These methods have proved to be successful and can bring in fresh ideas without the high cost of a research and development department. While you may have to be particular in the types of calls you choose to involve yourself in, they can be a great way to get your new ideas into the hands of larger companies.   
  • Social networking is a great way to disperse new ideas.  While building a network of individuals takes time, it will definitely pay off in the long run if you have new ideas that you are hoping to get in front of a large amount of people.  The great thing about social networking is the viral aspect of it.  If you have a great idea and you are able to put that great idea in front of a few hundred people and then those few hundred people then share it with their social network (and so on and so on) pretty soon your idea has been seen by thousands and thousands of individuals!