If you're looking for ways to know how to get your ex girlfriend back, you can take a look at these five steps and encounter more success in your endeavours than if you just improvised and hoped for it.

It's normal for relationships to end, but they don't have to stay ended. These five tips wil let your ex girlfriend know in a non-intrusive way that you haven't forgotten about her, and you want to be back in her life, so you can present yourself in the best way possible.

1 - In order to get your ex girlfriend back, begin by subtly communicating with her; being too distant is not the best option, but you should decrease the frequency of communication with her. Be sure that she knows, in a subtle and nonaggressive way, that you still want to be a special part of her life.

2 - Send her the occasional email to maintain contact; unless you find easygoing, inoffensive ways to communicate with your ex, your chances of getting her back will be slim to none. It's absolutely essential to keep in contact, but keep it casual and don't look desperate; just say hello instead of pledging your undying love.

3 - Another method on how to get your ex girlfriend back is avoid other potential romantic prospects. It's entirely normal for you to pursue other possibilities for romance, but you should stay away from other women if you want to show your ex that you just want her.

4 - Keep in mind that pampering her is essential in knowing how to get your ex girlfriend back. Be sure to remember important dates such as anniversaries and birthdays, sending her the occasional card and remind her that you're thinking of her in an inoffensive manner; this is one of the simplest ways to show her that you still remember her.

5 - Keep in occasional phone and text contact with her, being sure to exercise caution and discretion; don't fear sending her a text every once in a while.

Be sure to be honest and clear about your intentions and actions, so don't let her guess what you're doing and thinking about whether you're living life without her, or with someone else; don't let her be uncertain, as this is the biggest obstacle to overcome..

Be sure that she knows about how you feel, that you care, and that she's still in your thoughts; if she knows this, it can help her want to get back together with you more quickly.

There's no precise science or school of thought behind how to get your ex girlfriend back, but there are some obvious things you can do and keep in mind that can help you out a little.

Don't overdo the repeated communication; it's essential to keeping you in her thoughts, but you could push her away with overt desperation.

These are merely starter tips to keep in mind when getting her back. While these aren't my original strategies, I used them when I lost the love of my dreams, and they worked wonders.

I learned these useful techniques from the author of the eBook 'The Magic of Making up," an easy to follow step-by-step plan to rekindling romance by T 'Dub' Jackson, who wants to help you get your love back. His tips worked wonders on our relationship, and we are back together and even happier than before.

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