Are You Getting a Denial Message When You Submit an Article?

Here are tips to help you get approved

Over the past few months, newcomers to InfoBarrel have repeatedly asked in the forum why their article has been denied. Because those reading the forums are unable to see the rejected piece of writing, it is hard for the other writers to judge it. All we can do is speculate about what the issue might be from some of the details the poster shares.

As a long-term member of InfoBarrel who has seen a lot of writers come and go, I would like to share a few tips to help you achieve your goal of being a writer on the best online revenue sharing website.

The Most Important Step in Achieving Preapproval Status on InfoBarrel

Read the Terms of Service

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Before you being writing your first article-the one that is going to launch your internet writing career- read the Terms of Service.  This is the most important document on the site.  Kevin and Ryan have created guidelines to guide you.  These rules are not meant to harass; they have been put in place to insure that articles follow the strict rules that Google has established and InfoBarrel has agreed to follow.

These guidelines also help insure the quality of what is published. We all know what happens when sites permit anyone to publish whatever they want without any quality control, and hope that other site users will police the premises for them (Hubpages and Squidoo, anyone?). 

The Terms of Service are lengthy and detailed.  The following is a list of suggestions to help in the areas of what have been the most common reasons for an article to have been denied, based upon the conversations in the forum.


There seems to be much confusion about what links are acceptable, how many you can have and where to place them.

You may have two self-serving links within your article.   Self-serving means that you are taking the reader to another site and away from InfoBarrel.  While there are revenue sharing sites that reward this behavior, the reason behind only allowing two links are allowed here is simple. 

No one can click on your ads if they are not on the site!

Are there exceptions to this rule?

Yes, there are a few.  If you are sending a person to an government site or Wikipedia, that is acceptable.

That being said, you still should not have these links, or any external links, in your first two paragraphs.  You can link internally, i.e., to your other Info Barrel articles anywhere in your article. Internal linking is good for everyone on the site.  And when you do link, it should be in anchor text, not a naked link (example: www.visit my

You are also allowed one Amazon module for every 200 words of text. That ensures that there is actual content written and not just a bunch of products and nothing else to offer.

In your signature box, you can have two self-serving links.

Bottom line, don't put any links in your articles if you are unsure of the rules.  

Duplicate Content

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This has also been a common forum topic when it comes to having had an article denied.   Duplicate content means just that-your article or parts of your article appear elsewhere on the internet, word for word or close to it. Just because you wrote an article, it does not mean you can place it on every website on the internet or on your own blogs exactly as it appears.  InfoBarrel has filters that each submitted article goes through before it can be published.  If content is picked up as duplicate, it will be denied.

Even if you copy parts of your article from another source, it will also be picked up as duplicate and your article will be denied.  

Occasionally, when an author removes an article from one site and wants to place it here on InfoBarrel, it is still in the Google cache and will be denied as duplicate content.  In order to avoid this, wait a short bit of time to make sure that it has been removed.  While you are waiting, this is a good time to edit and tweak your writing to improve it.

Additionally, if someone has stolen your article, it will be picked up as duplicate content. If that is the case, then you need to file a DCMA report with Google to have it removed.

One last note about duplicate content from the TOS-do not place your article anywhere else after it has been published here on Info Barrel.  If it you do that, then your article will be removed from here.

Bad English

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The world of texting, in addition to the overall lowering of standards, has developed a generation of poor writers who cannot follow basic spelling and the rules of capitalization. While I do not consider myself a grammarian like classicalgeek, as a teacher, I am sometimes mortified at some of the posts I read in the forum...the word "I" is not capitalized, words are abbreviated (“plz help“), and grammar is really lacking. If this is a sample of what the writer's article is like, then we can all guess why it was denied.

For those whose native language is not English, I am not speaking about you. I hold you in the highest regard, as I cannot speak another language, let alone write in one.  For "Bad English" denials that you receive, I would suggest asking someone more proficient in English to read your article over and then make any necessary corrections.

My best piece of advice for correcting your English is articles by classicalgeek, especially this one about why your aritcle was denied.  She writes in perfect English.

Every writer believes that his or her work is worthy of publication.  Info barrel has guidelines to insure that they are.  Be ready to check your ego at the door if you receive a notice of denial for any one of the reasons mentioned or others listed in the Terms of Service.  Rewrite your article, make the necessary improvements, and then resubmit it. By doing this, you are on your way to having your first InfoBarrel article approved.

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