Getting children to hurry in the morning can be challenging. There are far more exciting things to do than getting their school clothes on and brushing their teeth. If you have trouble getting your children to focus on getting ready in the morning and find yourself rushing and getting frustrated when it starts to get late, there are plenty of ways you can prepare for the morning to help it run smoothly.

Your preparation for the morning needs to start the day before. Check your child's school backpack, remove everything that needs to be taken out and put anything in your child needs for the next day apart from perishable food. Check your calendar and pack for any school activities occurring the following day. If you need to make a lunch for your child, be sure to make it the night before and keep it in the fridge ready to grab.

Ask your child to pick out an outfit to wear for school and lay it out in their bedroom. Have them take their bath before bed, then you can ask them to put their outfit on as soon as they get out of bed. You can wait till after breakfast if you are particularly worried about them spilling food down themselves. If you have a daughter and she will need hair accessories, have her chose them with the outfit and lay them out.

Lay the breakfast table before you go to bed. Put out anything non-perishable ready for the next morning. You can even poor the cereal if you keep the bowls covered over night. Poor milk into a smaller jug and keep it in the fridge. If your children get to the kitchen before you in the morning they can simply uncover their cereal and take the milk in the easy-to handle jug out of the fridge and serve themselves.

Keep the momentum going in the morning and give your child plenty of gentle reminders about what comes next. They will get used to their new routine soon and need fewer reminders. Try to avoid TV or any other electronic media in the morning, it is enormously distracting. Your child will find it harder to focus on following your instructions if a program they like is playing in the background. If you end up with extra time in the morning before it is time to leave for school, perhaps reward them with some reading or TV time once they are fully ready with shoes on and possessions at the front door.

A smoother start in the morning will put all of you in a good mood and is a great way to begin your day.