If you are struggling to make ends meet, or just want to eat a full Thanksgiving Day dinner without breaking the bank, I'm about to tell you how you can buy everything you need for under $20 bucks. Yes, you read that correctly. You really can buy all the fixings for a traditional Thanksgiving Day dinner for that little.


The first thing you really need to know about making a meal this inexpensively is that you can get your turkey for around $5 for a full sized bird most years. Many grocers use turkey as their loss leader specials the week just before Thanksgiving in order to get you to do all of your shopping in their stores. The meat is the most expensive part of the meal so, be sure you get a really good deal on your turkey.

You will also notice that the produce you will need to fix your dinner will likely be on sale at loss leader pricing. It is not uncommon to find 10 pound bags of potatoes for as little as $.99 and bags of fresh cranberries for as little as a dollar or two. Produce is the second most expensive item, so be sure to buy only what you will need, while keeping a close eye on how much you are spending.

The key to saving a bundle on your Thanksgiving meal is to buy everything you need when it is on sale. By doing so, you will save 30% or more off the full price. I usually throw the brand loyalty out the window at this time of year and select whatever I can get the best deal on unless I have a preference for a particular brand I just can not live without. Thanksgiving week grocery ads are usually so good, that you will save in the range of 50% on most items; some are a little less discounted, but still offer a respectable savings of 30% or thereabouts.

To get a full meal for around $20 you will need one more strategy, combining double grocery coupons with the already exceptionally low sale pricing most grocers offer the week before the holiday. This is where the big savings really are when shopping during holiday sales weeks. Start collecting free printable grocery coupons for every item in your shopping cart right now and you will end up saving a moderately sized fortune.

I usually have a grocery coupons for well over 80% of the items in my grocery cart when shopping for Thanksgiving dinner, and many items are either completely free or very nearly so as a result. Using a grocery coupon on every item is how you will end up getting your meal to cost so little.

Here is another tip. You can easily buy enough nonperishable fixings and an extra turkey to prepare sometime in January for another exceptionally low cost meal. Most of what you will need, with the exception of the fresh items will keep for a few months and will give you another low cost meal with lots of leftovers for later in the year. That is a lot of eating without much expense. I like to have friends over when I fix the second meal, and I find that they always enjoy the effort.

Here is the really cool thing about shopping during the Thanksgiving week ad, everything is cheap, and gets even cheaper with supermarket discount coupons. Free items abound during this week, and really are easy to find. I tend to do some very careful planning and then fill my cupboards to the brim when I find freebies.

I generally buy enough for two full Thanksgiving dinners, one to prepare for the holiday and another to share with friends later in the year. Then, I make a second shopping trip just for free items or those with products costing about 10-20% of the full price. I usually end up saving about $500 when everything is said and done. That is a whole lot of feeding my family for not much money. If you shop cautiously it is possible to end up spending only about $100 for two full dinners and a pantry full of free and nearly free items.

Where do you get enough coupons to do shopping this heavy? I usually buy several news papers a week for a few weeks leading up to the holiday, and also print as many free coupons online as I can.

There are plenty of free products to be had during this week, so don't miss out!