Vertical jump height is how high one can jump and reach upwards. This measurement is useful in determining an athletes ability to reach into the air, for example to grab a thrown football, or block a basketball shot. Using a device such as the Vertec, allows you to easily calculate how high you can jump. Over time you can re-measure your jump height and see how much you've improved with strength training and practice.

Measure your height with your dominate arm pointing straight upwards. You may need to have another person assist with this measurement. This is the first step.


Stand next to the Vertec stand so that the plastic colored vanes (look like small rods) are above you and slightly in front of your position. The vanes should be perpendicular to the Vertec's support pole and even with one another.

Stand with your dominate arm outstretched straight upwards. Note the highest vane your fingertips are touching and rotate the lower vanes off to the side. Your fingertips should be touching the sides of the vanes and not underneath them.

Jump straight up as high as you can. As you jump reach for the highest vanes possible and gently swat them with your dominate hand.

Count how many vanes you successfully moved. Each vane is 1/2 inch in height. Calculate how many inches worth of vanes were moved. For example if you moved 6 vanes, that is 3 inches.

Take the height measurement from the first step and subtract the result of the last step from this number. The resulting number is your vertical jump height.


Make sure the area is clear of debris, walls, and other people. 
Use care when jumping and landing jumps.