You just launched a brand new website! Congratulations!

But don't party just yet! Just because your website is online doesn't mean anyone will actually VISIT it!

People need to be able to find your website, and a great way to point them to your site is to get listed on Google.

Things You Will Need

A website to promote and a bit of time.

Step 1

Fill your website with quality, unique content. Make sure it's something that YOU would want to read. This is KEY. Before you even think about advertising your site, make sure your site is interesting and filled with high-quality information.

Step 2

Don't steal content from other websites!

Google constantly scans for duplicate content across websites. If it finds out that your content is identical to that of another site, your site will be penalized - and may not get listed. Any search engine advertising campaign can be crippled before it even starts if the site's content is stolen.

Step 3

Figure out what key words you want to be listed for.

What do you want people to search for in a search engine to find your site?

If your site is about Bigfoot, make sure you talk about Bigfoot frequently. Use the same words in your site's content that you would want someone to use to find you, and use them frequently!

This is also critical if you plan to use pay per click (PPC) search engine marketing.

Step 4

Update frequently!

Google, and other search engines, don't like websites that aren't updated. If you fail to change anything on your site for several months, your Google listing rank will be lowered, and visitors will be less likely to find you.

Even if your site only has a few readers, update it as if there are thousands of readers. Make your site LOOK important to your visitors. If it looks important, they will think it is. If visitors like your site and talk about it, Google and other search engines can pick up on that and upgrade your search ranking.

Step 5

Trade links with other website owners.

Link sharing can be a great way to get Google to recognize your existence. However, be careful with this. If you link to a bunch of unrelated websites, Google may think you're trying to cheat the system, and it will ignore you.

Link sharing can be a key component of your search engine marketing if done right.
So, only trade links with similar-themed websites.

Step 6

Submit your URL to Google's crawler. Google will periodically scan submitted websites for content to be listed in its search engine.

You can manually submit your URL at this link:

Realize, however, that it may take a few months for your site to show up in Google. You will almost NEVER see advertising results overnight. So, don't hold your breath.

Step 7

Don't expect immediate results.

You've heard the saying: "The best things come by waiting."

That principle applies here. Don't expect immediate website traffic. It will take hard work and diligence to get the visitors you want, but the work will pay off if you follow these tips.


Tips & Warnings

* Don't submit your website to any search engine more than once a month. If you do so, they make think you are spamming your website - which will only hurt you.