The Chest is my favourite muscle group to work on. I feel the best and the strongest after a chest workout over any other workout so I take great caution to ensure I am not focusing too much on the chest and leaving other body parts behind. I work my chest with my shoulders so read this article in tandem with my How to Get Big Shoulders article to get a full view of my muscle-building routine for the upper body.

My chest routine is split off into two different categories. The power day where the chest is the first muscle group I exercise and the form day where it is the second group I exercise after my shoulders.

Power Day

Coupled with the Form Day for the Shoulders, this is my current routine:

3 sets of heavy Bench Presses X 8 reps (or to failure)
3 sets of Bench Presses X 15 reps superset with 10 reps of Machine Flys (total 25 reps per set)
2 sets of Decline Bench Presses X 10 reps
2 sets of Incline Bench Presses X 10 reps

For the Bench Presses in the superset I use 60% of the weight I would use for the first 3 sets and I use 55% of the weight for the Decline and Incline Bench Presses. I have spent most of my life doing bench presses on a bench using free weights but since I got my home gym I have converted over to Machine Bench Presses quite often. While I found myself occasionally cheating using the free weights, the machine forces me to have perfect form. For the first three sets I go to failure for each set. If I find myself consistently hitting 8 reps for all three sets I move on to a heavier weight.

I am also a big fan of doing Flys on the machine as opposed to dumbbells. The pressure of the flys on a machine is pretty close to equal throughout the entire range of motion. On the other hand when you are doing flys off of a bench, the top part of the movement where your arms are nearly vertical has much less pressure than the rest of the exercise, defeating the purpose of going through a full range of motion.

I find decline and incline presses to be a necessary part of the chest routine because they hit the bottom and top of the chest respectively. This ensures you have a fuller and more powerful chest.

Form Day

The Form Day for my Chest is coupled with the Power Day for my Shoulders, and is performed after that portion of my workout is completed. This is my current routine:

3 sets of Bench Presses X 10 reps
3 sets of Flys X 10 reps
2 sets of Decline Bench Presses X 10 reps
2 sets of Incline Bench Presses X 10 reps

The sets on my form day are done rather slowly and with great form to really feel the pump. The first three sets of the Bench Press are done at 75% of the weight I would use on my power day and the Incline and Decline Bench Presses performed at 55%, the same weight I use for them on my power day.

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