Sometimes it is necessary to get out and enjoy the day. If you find your sign to be an Aquarius or you just love the water, the ideal cheap boat ride isn't something you are going to want to miss. Most of the 'harbor excursion' trips will be far more expensive than one cares to pay for 90 minutes on the water. That's why you need to rethink what you need to get the same thing

Things You Will Need

Need for boat Ride

Few bucks

Step 1

First you need to locate all the ports close to your area. This may include those that cater to tourists, fishing excursions, barge loading and loading and pretty much anything to do with water boats.

Step 2

Now that you know where the ports are, you need to look to see what type of excursions are offered. It will be apparently obvious that certain excursions are for those folks who are tourists or are looking for a night on the town. Those are the most expensive and need to be crossed off your cheap list.

Step 3

The excursions you are looking for are fishing and transportation boats. Fishing trips, while middle priced take guests out into waters further than the close shores. On these trips, usually the boats go to a location that provides decent fishing and good views. It is highly unlikely a fishing boat will dock yards from a local harbor and will instead take guests out a ways. This is a great opportunity for an inexpensive boat ride.

Step 4

Another inexpensive boat ride will be those companies offering taxi or bus services. Used as a mode of transportation, these services gets guests from point a to point b. The only issue to be aware of is approaching the bus service with a destination so you can properly purchase tickets. Consult a map or online details so you have a destination and know your return area to get back quickly. The idea of a bus boat ride is one that will be extremely cheap (between $1 and $3 a ride) and can be a great excursion for a family.

Step 5

Another way to find cheap boat rides is rent a boat for a large group. While planning is involved and you would need to have a decent size group, you could find yourself a skipper and boat willing to take your party out on the water for a nominal fee. Check the local docks for individuals and companies who do this type of transportation rides. The cool and unique time spent on a boat is something that is amazing. The idea that beneath you is a whole world in the water that you can not see nor understand is relaxing and wonderful. Harbor rides are a great way to teach the kids about environmental responsiblity as well.

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