Cheap cruises are not always easy to find. You end up after the entire cuise vacation is over spending as much or more than you would if you just would have bought a regular priced cruise. This doesn't mean you shouldn't locate a cheap cruise, but it does mean you need to have the opportunity to know where to find a cheap cruise and keep it cheap. Here's how!

Things You Will Need

Need for Cheap Cruises

Need a Vacation really Bad!

Step 1

A cheap cruise can be found by getting to cheap cruise information before the genereal public does. Get your name and email address on all the cruise lines you want to cruise so they send you an email of any specials they have that are cheap cruises. If you knwo know before the rest of the Internet, it will mean you get a great deal!

Step 2

Find out if you can purchase an all inclusive cheap cruise. This will allow you to cover expenses that normally won't be attached to your trip but would be necessary to pay for. An all inclusive option will give you the chance to know exactly how much your vacation will be before you hit the cruiseliner.

Step 3

Make sure your cheap cruise stay cheap by staying away from certain items during your cheap cruise. Using the phone and Internet access are quite expensive on a ship. Additionally alcoholic beverages also cost quite a bit during your vacation on the cheap cruise.

Step 4

Consider how many days you want to be at sea verses the cheap cruises that are available. Usually you will find the 3 & 4 Day cruises cheaper than the 7 or 9 day cruises.

Step 5

Decide on what excursions you will be taking before you get on the sea. This will cut a lot of your costs and determine exactly what you will be doing on your vacation cheaply! Cheap cruises are a great way to be on the ocean enjoying a vacation while not breaking the bank. Be ready to have a great time at a great price!!

Tips & Warnings