Average Cost of Gym Memberships 2012-2013

Most people, who want to know how to get a cheap gym membership, want to stay fit for less. They’re also well aware that gym memberships can be expensive.

In fact the average gym membership today in 2012-2013 averages right around $55 dollars a month. This takes into account the more expensive gym memberships which can be nearly $100 dollars or more a month (for more specialized training like weightloss bootcamps and Kick Boxing studios) and even the cheap bare bone gyms that start off right around $10 dollars a month.

But the average of $55 dollars can eat into anyone’s fitness budget, especially considering the fact that nearly 65% of all gym memberships aren’t even used after the first couple of months.

So what if you are serious about staying fit or getting fit and you just don’t want to break the bank? Luckily, there are a ton of options for getting cheap memberships at the gym and in some cases free gym fees all together.

So now that we know how much the average fitness membership actually is, one can begin to negotiate and shop around for the best fitness costs based on this fact. And while the absolute cheapest way to stay fit is probably in your home with weights, a jump rope or even a treadmill or elliptical you’ve had for a few years, we all know that most people are motivated working out around others who share a similar or common goal to lose weight or maintain their current body size. And variety plays a huge roll as well in getting in shape, who wants to look at the same corner in their tiny basement for hours a month? 

No one. That's why most people opt for the gym instead of their basement.

Fitness Discounts from Your JobCheap Gym MembershipsCredit: Morgue File

The true fact of the matter is that it often pays to check with your HR (Human Resources Department) when it comes to corporate gym membership deals. Many times your company will either reimburse you a portion or all of your gym fees or provide discounts with certain gyms in the area. Some government agencies and even progressive or forward thinking companies have gyms on site (think the Google Corporate Offices).

So don’t forget to ask your HR what discounts are available for you to get fit and stay in shape. And if you are looking for a new job, consider companies that typically have their own gyms on site, this ranges from a host of larger government agencies to even residential facilities that offer free gym membership to their employees like apartment buildings or corporate office management comapnies.

Covering the cost of corporate gym membership or employee fitness programs are a win win, both for the company and the employee. Tons of organizational and management studies point to productive employees often being the fittest. Moreover, the fitter the employee, the less likely it is for him or her to get sick and need medical attention, which in turn reduces the outlay for medical expenses due to the employee and even copay costs the employee then has to make on their own behalf.

Insurance Gym Membership Reimbursements                                          

Insurance companies can also provide for gym membership reimbursements. These insurance companies include Oxford Health, Fallon Health, United Health and Blue Cross Blue Shield. Some of these companies offer reimbursements up to $300 dollars a year, for example Oxford Health reimburses their insured $100 every six months or $20 dollars a month. 

So if you are insured privately through one of these companies or even through your place of employment, it’s worth giving them a call to find out more about these gym membership reimbursement programs. Just remember that you will need to typically provide proof of attendance, which is easy with gym records that often rely on swiping in with a key fob to their computer system.

Cheap Gym Memberships in Your Area

There are a ton of cheap gyms popping up all over the place which offer cheap work out deals. Planet Fitness (the cheapest fitness membership) and Fitness 4 Less are some of the cheaper memberships starting at around $10 dollars a month, with Fitness 4 Less around $19 dollars with all the free classes you can take like Yoga, Zumba, etc. There are times when even Golds Gym has membership specials at around $9 dollars a month.

You can also get great gym membership specials around the holidays and at the beginning of summer. But again you have to remember that these memberships are most effective when you actually use them.

Most gyms these days are also sensitive to the fact that now most people hate fitness contracts.

So you can get great and cheap gym memberships without contracts even for $10 or $20 dollars a month. Just remember that typically these $10 or $20 dollar a month gyms are barebones, meaning no saunas, no pools, no pretty and fancy showers, just a gym and maybe great classes.

Free Gym Deals and Gym Hopping

They often say that nothing in life is free.

But there are ways to get fit for free. It’s not the most ethical way, but you might consider gym hopping. Gym hopping allows you to go from gym to gym and hop only when that free period is over.

Most places like Gold’s and Bally’s allow for about 7 days of free membership, and after which time you must pay. If you live in a large city, you might find that gym hopping can get you at least fit for a month or two, especially if you consider smaller more expensive gym studios as well.

Hopefully, you’ve found out how to get a cheap gym membership. There are tons of options from your place of hire to even your insurance company. Also don’t forget the bare bones options, where there are gyms offering cheap fitness memberships at $10 dollars a month.