They say that if you want to find a girl to marry, you shouldn't look for her in a club. Instead, you should go looking for her in church. There are several advantages to having a relationship with a religious girl. A girl who believes in God is likely to abide by principles and have strong feelings about transmitting a set of values and morals to her partner and their future family. If this is the kind of woman you want, the following tips will tell you how to get a Christian girlfriend.

1. Be traditional

There are reasons behind many time-honored traditions regarding courtship and marriage. Most of them are grounded on the importance of patience, respect and hard work, values that come in handy if you're looking for a long-term relationship. Respect her, and show interest in meeting her family. This will make her see you in a positive light.

2. Be active in church activities

There's a good chance that the Christian girl you want to date spends a good deal of time in church, not just to attend services but also to make herself useful in the community. Volunteer to help her do charity work or teach Sunday school. Join the choir or organize a Christmas pageant for kids. These activities won't just make you look good, they'll also provide you with ample opportunity to get to know each other. Even if you don't get anywhere with her at first, you will have done something that is worth doing for its own sake.

3. Show her that you have a spiritual life

You don't really have to be as religious as she is. Many Christian girls don't demand that their partners be as devout as themselves. But she will want to know that you think about matters like the existence of God or the importance of virtuous living.

4. Be honest

Honesty is probably one of the traits that women appreciate the most, although many superficial guys will say that it's impossible to be honest and have peace in a relationship. The kind of honesty that matters isn't about telling her she looks fat in those jeans. Rather, it means being open about your goals and your beliefs.

Knowing how to get a Christian girlfriend may be the key to a successful, long term relationship with a solid foundation, so don't hesitate to woo that nice girl in the pew next to you.