There are several ways to obtain a Commercial Drivers License or CDL. With today's bad economy getting a CDL and learning how to be a truck driver is a wise choice as Commercial Drivers Licensed drivers tend to still be in high demand. 


If you pay attention to job boards or the employment classifieds then you have  seen dozens of job openings that are directed at individuals  who have a class A or B CDL. Positions include but are not limited to over the road hauling and delivery, local deliveries, waste collection, water hauling, logging positions and dump truck driver openings.  

Which way you obtain your CDL depends on a few things: How much money do you want to spend? Are you a self starter? Are you willing to wait for a grant? Are you willing to sign a contract with a trucking company? These are all things that can make a difference to indivuduals going after a commercial driver's license. 

Know Your Options on How to Get a Commercial Driver License (CDL) ...

18 wheeler - Semi truck on the roadCredit: - You could go to a truck driving school in your local area. This will cost some money so research and looking into the different schooling options  is very important. For informational purposes the average cost of obtaining a Commercial Drivers License can sit around $6000.

Out of State - Another option is to go to an out of state training facility. Many of these truck driver training programs offer Free CDL training if you sign a contract to work for that company. These contracts usually range from 1 to 2 years and if fulfilled you do not have to pay back the cost of your truck driver training. Beware if you do not fulfill the contract however, that it can be very expensive as you will be expected to pay their cost for training. 

Self Starters - You can do most of your Commercial Drivers License (CDL) training at home.

Go to your local Commercial Driver Licensing office and request a free training manual (this will contain the information you need to pass the written exams for your state).

You can find many CDL practice tests on the internet, as well, that will help you with them. Once you have completed the written portion of the training you can attend a driving only program which will significantly lower your out of pocket expenses. Many local state unemployment offices offer grants or other programs to assist with costs associated with career advancements and training.

 Choosing - When trying to decide which step will work best to obtain your CDL license you will need to take into consideration what each step will require. Then base your decision on which one will fit into your life and style the best.

Important Notes to Individuals Seeking Commercial Driver Licenses or Training: A truck driving career that puts you behind the wheel of heavy equipment or vehicles will require a good level of health. UA's are quite common amongst schools and employers for truck drivers as are regular health check ups and certification. If you currently suffer any serious health concerns such as high blood pressure or diabetes talk to your doctor and get your condition under control to help ensure employment in the trucking industry. 

There are truck driving jobs such as those in the North Dakota oil fields and other "boom towns" that are in high demand and pay driver's extremely well. With a position like these the right training and good health are musts.