Availing a copy of Divorce Decree is not a very difficult task if you know exactly how to go about it. First let us take a look at what a copy of divorce decree is. This term refers to a formal order provided by the court and allows the termination of marriage. If you obtained divorce after a court trial and a judgement is issued by the judge, the confirmation by the judgement happens on signing the decree. The decree should also be dated. This is done by the court judge and the clerk.

The issues contained in the divorce decree include the following: Alimony, Property Division, Visitation, Custody and Child Support.

Now let us take a look at the procedure required to obtain a copy of divorce decree. A final divorce decree is present in the office records of the court which granted you permission for divorce. Generally the copy of divorce decree will be mailed to you by the clerk of the court. Your lawyer may also send you this copy.

Sometimes this may not happen because of various reasons. In that case what you need to do is to go to the office of the clerk and request a copy of the document. You can also do this if you need another copy of the document.

The benefits of having a copy of divorce decree with you are as follows: This is a legal document and will be needed in the future. For instance you may be changing your name after divorce and you want to update your other documents like your bank documents, driving license or your company records. In these cases you need to have a legal proof of the divorce. The divorce decree is the proof of your divorce.

This document can be used later when you apply for a government document or several programmes. As mentioned above the issues mentioned in the document are very important and will avoid problems that can arise in the future. But child issues and alimony need not be the same as mentioned in the document always. This is mainly because these can be changed in case of a change in the circumstances of the couple. In such cases the divorce decree cannot be deemed to be the final step in the proceedings of divorce.

You will be unable to appeal the decision by a jury or judge regarding the case of the divorce till divorce decree is issued.

To avail a copy of divorce decree is necessary if you are planning to marry again. It is also needed if you want to remove an ex-partner from your insurance policies or accounts.
There is an easy way to obtain the document and it is with the help of the internet. Application for the document can be made online. This is a very easy method compared to personally visiting the concerned office and requesting the document.

Even a mutual settlement between the couple on divorce will not be legal till the divorce decree is issued.