A custom patio can increase your living space or just give you a chance to get outdoors. It can even be used in Tuscan decorating. This is especially important if you live in a small area like an apartment. You can really create a cohesive theme that looks designer on a budget. Oftentimes this is the forgotten area of your home. You might just occasionally remember to mow your lawn or throw out some basic patio furniture. However, you can really create a cohesive space without spending a lot of money just by following these tips. Who knows it might even inspire you to go outside.

Break up your area into functions. You can apply the same rules of interior design into the great outdoors. This will make it look decorated and also a lot more functional. You could add in a bar area or just setup a seating area instead of the basic round table with an umbrella over it.

Another option for translating interior decorating to the exterior of your home is to really find inspiration pieces. You might look through a lot of different designer magazines for the inside of your house. You may even have a small binder of your favorite rooms. Then when it gets to the outside you're totally stumped just because you don't have a green thumb. You can always talk to someone at your nursery about the plants that will work in your area and with your lifestyle. However, you can also find garden inspirations that will help you narrow down your specific design style so that you know which direction to go in. This will really help you pick out the furniture and the colors as well as get a few general ideas of what design direction you want to go in.

It's important to make big statements on your patio. This doesn't have to be expensive and it can work with the style that you already have going on around your house or even inside. You'll probably just bring in a few pieces or make a few cosmetic changes for a budget friendly redo. Since backyards are so often forgotten they can seem kind of predictable. You need to find one or two dramatic ways to bring in your own personality without it becoming an eyesore to your neighbors.

One of the hurdles that you'll really come across when decorating this kind of space is the furniture. Of course it's the main items that you will be adding so you really want to make sure that it makes a big impact and is still comfortable. These kinds of pieces can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. You can save money by shopping the clearance sales at the end of the season as long as you have a place to store it over the winter.

Your budget may have you so discouraged that you don't even want to try just because all you can afford is plastic furniture. This can have a fun and modern approach to it and work with a lot of different themes. For more of a Tuscan or traditional vibe you could find plastic chairs that replicate wicker. Keep them in a rich brown color to add warmth to your garden and also be versatile. Plus the advantage to going with these kinds of pieces is that they really hold up a lot better to the weather, they are lightweight and they are inexpensive. This gives you the chance to just change up your eating area from the traditional glass table with metal chairs. You'll have the opportunity to really get a one of a kind set just by mixing and matching. Plus you can save money by reusing your table but still get a totally different look.

Another option for custom patio furniture is to go with an element of fun. Bright colors will seem contemporary or modern. You want to make sure that the pieces are substantial so that they don't feel too juvenile. You could go with a traditional Adirondack shaped chair and then just paint it a bright pink or lime green. This is also a way to get a club vibe in the city. You probably won't have a lot of plants and your yard may be heavy on concrete. Instead just focus in on colorful furnishings that will take the place of flowers. This will allow you to make a big impact in your space without spending a lot of money and you won't need tons of space either.

You can use a lot of DIY projects to get a custom patio. This will give things a hand touch and at the same time save you money. The other advantage is that you can create a custom color palette to work with the plants and exterior paint colors that you already have.

You might not use your space a lot just because it isn't functional or you don't know what to do with it. You could turn it into a relaxing atmosphere by installing a fountain that will also drown out any traffic noise. You can also turn it into an ef="/Arts and Crafts">arts and crafts space for the kids by installing a floor cover that is easy to clean so they have more freedom with their projects than in your house. Really defining the area helps you work in what you need and then you can always decorate it when things have a defined purpose.

There are lots of different materials and design options for a custom patio. You just need to find ways to turn your existing backyard into an oasis and still make sure that it serves all of the functions that you need it to. This way you might even enjoy picking up a new hobby such gardening or you might even pull out the grill to entertain family and friends. It just takes a dedicated design approach and effort to turn your space from ordinary to extraordinary. Don't let your budget or you DIY skills stand in your way you can always find ways to save money and learn new skills.