IKEA is the ultimate store for people who like modern, simple style, and their furniture is cheap.  What you may not know is that they also have a cafeteria which you can eat at during your shopping experience, and you may even be able to eat for free.

So What's The Cafeteria Like?

As I said above, IKEA has a cafeteria style restuarant inside of their store.  It has a variety of foods, from swedish meatballs to crepes and some American food too.  Most of it is yummy, and the kids like it too.  The prices are posted on large overhead boards and you go through the line with a tray and ask the attendants for the foods of your choice.  There are a lot of options, and they run special entrees from time to time.  When you reach the end of the line, you find yourself at the registers and pay.  The IKEA cafeteria accepts major credit and debit cards and cash.

How do I score a deal?

The secret of the IKEA cafeteria that many people do not know is that you can often eat there for half price or free.

Before you head to the store, lookup your local store online.  Then, go to the page of special offers for both furnishings and food.  There you will find the schedule of special food offers.

Plan your trip on a day that has offers that apply to you.  These aren't just weekdays, as IKEA often runs these with other special events on weekends.  IKEA often runs "kids eat free" promotions, as well as BOGO offers, 1/2 price entrees and free meal offers.

You can often score a free meal with a minumum purchase.  This is a great program to use if you are already planning to buy furniture, since they require you buy a certain value of product and then give you the cost of your food as a discount on your furnishings.

By simply planning a little bit, you too can strike up a great deal at IKEA's cafeteria!  Who knew there was such a great place to eat on campus while you shopped?